The right colours will make the difference between looking good and looking fantastic :). Wrong colours will make your skin uneven and your eyes look dull :( .

Determine your skin tone and use my colour tips to transfrom your look. I’ll help you :)

Warm skin tones wear warm firey colours, and
Cool skin tones look best wearing cool icy colours,
eg : cool equals silver, and warm is gold.

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Cool skin tones can be light, medium, and dark :

1) To tell if you are cool light, you have pale blonde hair, eyes are pale blue, grey, or green, and your skin is milky white. Your best colours are pale silver, aqua, sky blue, or lilac. Cheeks will glow in a baby pink, and lips in pale pink glosses.
TIP- don’t use dark heavy black eye liner.

2) To tell if you are a cool medium, you have brown or dark blonde hair, your eyes are brown or blue, sometimes with grey or green, your skin is milky with rosy cheeks. Your best colours are slate greys, denium blues, cool taupes, charcoal browns, cheeks in a dusty pink, and lips in pink.
TIP- orangey brown on lips drains your colour.

3) To tell if you are a cool dark, you have deep brown or jet blue black hair, your eyes are bright blue, cool grey, pale green, or hazel, and your skin is pale white. Your best colours to use would be deep purples and blues, deep navy hues, and pink blushes, and blue-red or burgundy lipsticks.
TIP- no peachy pastels, or terracotta on lips.

Warm skin tones can also be light, medium, and dark :

1) To tell if you are warm light, you are strawberry blonde, or golden auburn hair, you have hazel, green, or blue green eyes, your skin is like cream and often with freckles. Best colours are champagne, ivory, honey, and pale green. Apricot lip gloss, or a hot fire engine red will make your lips look fantastic.
TIP- black eyeliner can be too heavy.

2) To tell if you are a warm medium, usually red heads or auburn, chestnut brown with a golden glow, they have green, brown, hazel, or blue green eyes, and peachy almond skin. Your best colours are antiuque gold, earthy brown, and olive green. Sheer bronze on cheeks, and golden berry on lips.
TIP- stay away from purple and icy pastels.

3) If you are warm dark, you have chestnut brown hair, mahogany or black hair, and brown or hazel green eyes. Your skin is olive, asian, or black. Your best colours are bronze, warm chocolate brown, leafy green, and aubegine. Lips look great in flame red, or nude glosses.
Tip- silvery metalics look washed out on the eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this post . Thank you for all your love & support . :) :)


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