A lot of people question the need for a makeup remover; some believe that that they can use a regular facial wash to remove the makeup. However, they don’t realize that not all make up can be removed by facial wash and that they need a stronger cleaner to remove the makeup but not strong enough to harm the skin.

Can I Use Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup? No, no, no, says beauty expert

So lets see the right way of removing your makeup .  :) :)



items you will need in your Makeup removal regimen :

1) Your choice of makeup remover .

2) Eye makeup remover / Baby oil.

3) Facial cleanser

4) Clean face towel

5) Cotton pads

6)  Face wipes

7) Pure Rose-water

8) Your favorite toner & moisturizer

Step #1

Start by removing eye makeup .You begin with the eyes because removing eye makeup can be tough especially if it’s waterproof.

Don’t use any face makeup remover on eyes as the area around the eyes is very delicate . If you don’t have eye makeup remover , use baby oil .

Close your eyes and start from the top of your lids and move in a downward motion. Make sure that you do not stretch the skin because it can result to eye irritation. Use a fresh pad for each eye.

Step #2

To remove rest of your face makeup you need a makeup removing wipe or a pure rose water . I spray rose water on my entire face this helps to calm down your skin . After that I move on to the next step which is cleansing .

Step #3

Begin my wetting your face. Then apply the facial cleanser on your fingertips and apply gently on your face.Use lukewarm water to rinse all the cleanser off your face . Do not rub your face too much.

Wash your face twice to make sure that there is no makeup residue left on your face. Pat dry your face using a clean towel.

Step #4

After cleansing all you need is toning . Use a good quality toner (avoid alcohol based toners) to clean your face. This is a recommended step, but if you are a bit in a hurry, you can skip this step as long as you are sure that you washed off all the makeup already.

Step #5

Wearing makeup all day makes your skin dull & lifeless. Help replenish lost nutrients on your skin by using a water based  moisturizer before going to bed.

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