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Q. Is it okay to use brushes that come with eye-shadow and makeup kits ?
A. Yes it is completly okay . I’ll advice you to have a set of makeup brushes, as it is key to create a flawless makeup effect . You can use the tip of the eye shadow applicator that comes in the kit to line your eyes or to apply concealer .While the small blush brush mostly seen in palatte can be used to apply translucent shadow across eyelids . One investment I recommend is to make a natural or soft synthetic bristle makeup brush that you can use for loose powder and blush .

Q. Why do you do when you are not shooting or editing ?
A. As you know I love to write & I describe myself as a compulsive writer . When I was a child I used to write on walls and even on mom dad’s clothes … Can you Imagine that :lol:

Q. What is the cheap way to whiten your teeth ?
A. Snacking on crunchy fruits and vegetables, like peppers or apples, also helps keep your teeth looking white . Brush twice a day & floss regularly

Q. Which is the Best Exfoliator ?
A. Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel.

Q. Which eye cream you recommend ?
A. Lancôme Génifique Eye Light-Pearl, little expensive but worth it .

Q. Your favorite concealer ?
A. Right now I’m loving my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer . Its magic eraser illuminates my sleepiest-looking eyes .

Q. Tell me some Hairstyles that can make me look sexy ?
A. Sleek & Straight : you’ll feel sexy when you go for a straight, high-shine style like Selena Gomez’s. Stick with a neat part for a pulled-together effect .
Bodylicious Waves : Go with volume and lots of texture like Beyoncé’s—it’ll keep the focus on your hair and boost your confidence.

Q. How to Lose Belly Fat ?
A. Incorporating short bursts of high-intensity burnouts into whatever you’re doing, whether that’s running, squats, whatever . Experts say doing this helps to flatten your abs . Include olive oil in your diet ,compounds in olive oil stimulate a hormone in your stomach that signals to your brain that it’s full . Drink 8- 12 glasses of water . And get your 8 hours sleep . :)

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