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Best Skin care tips for Oily Skin .

When it comes to skin care, everyone knows it matters much, especially for those who have naturally an oily facial skin. . Here is a simple step by step skin care guide for those with oily skin.



1. Cleansing: Your skin tends to attract more dirt than dry skin, so wash your face twice a day with a gentle non-foaming cleanser and warm water. Rinse with warm water.
Before applying any make up on your skin, cleansing and making it neutral is most important. Use an ‘Exfoliating Cleanser’ which not only cleans your skin but also makes the skin free from dead cells and removes the clogging particles in the acne causing oily skin pores. This cleansing is most suitable for oily skin and is better than skin care soaps.

2.Toners: Use an alcohol-free, hydrating toner to help remove additional residue .One may apply toner using cotton, which is specially meant for oily skin. The main function of a toner is to clear off oil and make up traces and gives you clearer skin.

3.Moisturizer:  Although your skin’s oily, you still must moisturize it with a light moisturizer daily, or your skin will become dry underneath and overcompensate by producing more oil.

Few prefer to skip moisturizing, but it’s required for the make up to hold on to your slippery oily skin and hide wrinkles if any.

Make sure you use a water based moisturizer instead of an oil based one.


Best Makeup Tips for Oily Skin . Problems are more compounded in this case as the make up not only is difficult to apply but also it gets displaced with more and more oil secreted by the skin. Oil blotting sheets through out the day can help control shine .

1. Primer : Primers are very very important for oily skin . I use l’oreal base magique transforming smoothing  primer . There are variety of primers available which help to control shine & act as a perfect makeup base .

For oily skin beauties apply primer using brush .

2. Foundation :

The best methods include Matte Mineral Foundation or the Liquid based foundation. Foundation is the most essential and significant step in making up. This is the one which is in direct contact with your skin and the make up on top of it.

Mineral foundation consists of anti oxidants and vitamins necessary for the skin and are resistant to water and smudging. It also help in keeping your skin more youthful and cater to most Skin Care needs.

Do not use foundations with petroleum based oil content, alcohol and cheaper powder based foundation. Also remember to apply lighter colored foundation as the foundation tends to mix with the oil secreted and make the skin look darker after some time.

3. Powder : Finally, after the application of foundation, leave your skin for ten minutes without disturbing for it to get set properly.

Then you may apply a faint tone of setting powder clearly and uniformly distributed through out the face. Always use pressed powder with matte finish.

4. Blush : Go for powder blush or cheek stain .

It’s always advisable for those with oily skin, to apply as little make up as possible, which only covers up the non uniform portions and gives a uniform smooth and slender look.

Beauty Advice :  Apart from the above make up tips, remember to drink plenty of water. Consume good amount of natural fruits and vegetables, as most requirements for skin care are taken care of by them. Use good, branded skin care soaps, keep washing your skin at least twice or thrice a day and never touch your face unnecessarily with your bare hands.


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