The Valentino Glam Lock Small Bag in light pink and green stands out from other small handbags, even among Valentino’s designs. The Glam Lock’s design is sturdy, funky and durable, yet it remains as luxurious as any other small bag in its price range. valentino glam bags Some Valentino handbags scream the designers name with frills, flowers and other embellishments, while other are a little more subtle. With this crossbody purse, it is not obvious it is a Valentino bag unless you can see the etched logo on the flap top closure. The bag does not feature the beads, embroidery, rhinestones or other embellishments that typify many Valentino designs. Instead, it is decorated with shiny hardware, a cheerful color blocked color scheme and a single row of large, dark pink pyramid studs. Like all leather Valentino bags, however, one touch of the soft leather assures that it is from the designer’s line.

The Look The main body of the bag is built from green leather. The fashionable flap top is a contrasting light pink leather, with a strip of green running over the top of the bag. The flap top is secured in place by a lock closure that is etched with the Valentino logo. There are also several darker pink accents on the purse, including the pyramid studs.

The Hardware The purse is adorned with one of Valentino’s signatures, platino hardware. The strap is a chain which more closely resembles fine jewelry than a purse strap. It is woven in a decorative rope-like pattern. The chain loops through two hooks on the top of the bag, and is removable. It is 22 inches long, meaning it can be worn as a crossbody bag. It can also be doubled for a shorter shoulder strap, although this drop may still be too long if a shorter strap is preferred.

What It Holds The bag is small, but probably large enough for almost any woman’s typical evening out. It, however, would not be large enough for many women’s everyday bag. This, of course, was not why this glamorous little purse was designed, anyway. If you are going out with a few cards, a little cash, keys and a cell phone then it is perfect. The Glam Lock bag measures one foot long by seven and a half inches high. It is three and a half inches thick when fully opened.

Looking Inside The bag has a stiff internal structure which helps to find things inside and to keep things organized when in use. The interior is lined with high-quality canvas and features two pockets. One interior pocket zips while the other is open. Valentino is known for pairing unique and exciting fashion with materials of an outstanding quality to produce the finest clothing and handbags. This purse is no exception. In addition to light pink and green is also available in several other color schemes, including a reversed scheme that uses pink leather on the base of the bag and a green flap. There are also several versions available with additional decorative touches such as gemstones, sequins and embroidery. Those expecting traditional Valentino embellishments may find they like these bags better than the light pink and green version.

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