Perfect pictures means perfect makeup. Today I’m here to give you some important  makeup tips so that you can look perfect in your next photo, whether it’s professional or just a day out with friends.

Skin prep : Before anything apply lip balm on your lips. Moisturise your face well but make sure you use light and non-greasy moisturiser. Patchy makeup never looks great on anyone and makeup which has half faded or isn’t on the skin smoothly isn’t flattering so it’s important to prime your skin using a primer. The L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing is very affordable, can be used all over the face including under eyes, and it really works some magic to make your makeup look flawless.

Foundation and Concealer : Wear a little more makeup. Apply a photo friendly foundation, basically a foundation with no spf .  Remember to use layers and gradually work up as too much thick cakey makeup won’t look good and for optimum coverage use a foundation brush. Conceal zombie eyes with your favorite concealer . Dab a little bit of concealer around your eyes with your ring finger. Maybe you should try to sleep more if you don’t want that zombie eyes ;)

Matte Powder : For face use matte powder! Avoid shimmer, sometimes it can make your face look little oily, we wanna keep the entire face makeup as matt as possible.  Finish off your makeup by dusting slightly tinted setting powder (using completely white translucent powder will make you look white!)

Brows : Your brows are like a picture frame to your face so why wouldn’t you want them to look their best ? Fill in your brows with brow pencil and use gel to keep them in place.

The Eyes :

Use a nude cream color eye shadow as your base color, apply it on your entire lid. Next use a matte taupe color as your contour shade. With a white eyeshadow or pencil highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This will open up your eyes more and will photograph beautifully .

Take a black eyeshadow and line your eyes. Keep the line as soft as possible. Now you can layer it with a liquid or gel liner, again keep the line as thin as possible. Eyeliner is a must in photos, but don’t go overboard. Keep it simple. Curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. Find fake lashes that look natural on you.

Lips :  When it comes to the lips; nude and natural looking colours can look great to the naked eye, but a camera flash?… Not so much! So use some color here :)

Begin with a lip liner that is either neutral in color or one that matches your natural lip tone.  Line and fill in your lips with the lip liner.  Now you have the option of a light lip gloss, a lipstick or both.  We would suggest using a light to medium shade of lipstick in a pink or plum shade.

Bronzer and Blush: You can contour your face with a non shimmer bronzer. Ensure you use a powder a few shades darker then your skin tone underneath the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose and around the temples to add depth to your face. Also be sure to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and not too low or you’ll drag your features down.

I hope you enjoyed this post !

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