How to Organize Your Makeup Properly

If you have foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and god knows what else thrown everywhere – then maybe it is time to introduce a little organization to your makeup collection. This benefits you in a variety of ways, knowing where everything is can be less stressful when you are getting ready and it will also make you less indecisive with what to put on your face. Going through your makeup and sorting it out might even find you an item or two that you absolutely love but had thought you had lost.

Organizing Your Makeup

The first step in organizing your makeup is to go through every item you own and decide what is no longer any use to you. This can be due to the fact that it’s all gone, it’s broken or you simply don’t wear it any more. Many people keep items that they haven’t wore in a long time “just in case.”. There is no just in case and this makeup that you don’t wear is taking up room in your precious collection, so throw it out. Despite what many believe, makeup does not last forever and if you have an item that has been opened for a long time – it collects bacteria and can cause many problems for your face, none of which are beautiful.

Next sort out the items that you wear every time or nearly every time that you wear makeup. For most people this will be a neutral foundation, powder, eye makeup and maybe some trusted blush and lipstick. But everyone’s makeup collection is different depending on their individual “look”. Put them daily items into a makeup bag and make sure to put in a few different colors/shades of makeup, so that you still have a few options and are not limited to the same look every day.

All your other items, that you do wear but not regularly should be put into a separate makeup bag. These might be items that you wear when you are feeling a little daring, or products for a night out when your face needs a little more sparkle and definition than usual.

General makeup organizational tips

1 Keep brushes and applicators in a separate bag/container to avoid getting colors or germs on them from the makeup. Just like advised to do with the makeup you should sort out your brushes regularly, cleaning them or throwing them out if necessary.

2 Try having clear makeup bags to keep your items in, this gives you a better idea of what you are working with and offers even more organization.

3 Keep your three makeup bags (everyday, special and applicators) inside a box so that it is all in one place.

4 Keep the containers/packets/tubes of makeup clean – not just the makeup. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and maybe a little soap and water to avoid stickiness and messiness. Nothing is worse than getting bits of mascara on your lip gloss and eyeshadow in your blush.

5 There you have it, some simple ways to organize your makeup that will benefit you, having some sort of structure will make you feel so much better.

Bio: Virginia Cunningham is a beauty blogger born and raised in Southern California. She currently blogs about health & wellness for NorthWest Pharmacy

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