Hello everyone ! So doing I’m going to write about My Morning Skincare Routine.  I’ve included some new products in my morning routine so I wanted to make sure that I like them before sharing them with you .

Let me remind you I’ve a sensitive  , acne prone – oily skin . So this routine may not suit all skin types . But you can still read this post and just pick and use the products which you like :) I do follow this routine every single day in the morning before I apply my makeup and I do this even if  I’m not wearing any makeup.I hope this post is helpful for you lovelies.So lets go ahead and get started.

1) Face wash – The 1st product I have is Clean & Clear pimple clearing face wash, currently I’m loving this face wash as I find it very mild yet very effective on acne.

I also use Lakme SunExpert De-Tan face wash sometimes. In morning I use face wash in the shower . BnB tip: Find a face wash that does what you need, and make sure it’s for your skin type! Because some people have skin that is too sensitive for the harsh medicated stuff .

2) Toner : To ensure my skin gets rid of any extra dirt sitting deep inside pores , I use  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Toner, lightly sweeping a soaked cotton all over my face.
BnB tips : You can skip toner if you have very dry skin. But include a gentle toner in your Night Skincare Routine.

3) Eye Cream : I use moisture white shiso eye serum which helps to keep my undereye area . My mom uses olay anti-aging under eye cream (which I recommend for mature skin)

BnB Tip : Mix olay anti-ageing eye cream and your favorite concealer. Gently dab under your eyes

4) Moisturiser : Last step is moisturizing, which I also think is the most important step. I recommend if you are using any type of serum follow up with moisturiser that has spf. The moisturiser that I use is The Body Shop Vitamin C daily moisturiser spf 30 .

5) Lip balm : I also use Vaseline Lip care healthy white in winter as it protects and heals my dry chapped lips !

That’s all for my Morning Skin Care Routine, my Night Routine is different.

Don’t buy something because youtube or other beauty gurus recommend it to use, unless it works of course! Remember that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get a quality product. Take care of your skin. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.


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