Choosing the right type of makeup for your hair color is a must if you wish to look fabulous. Lets take a peek and get inspired for our next look !


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Eyeshadow – shimmery champagne and gold colors produce far more appealing effects. Ash blonds can use golden brown, darker mauve or magenta tones eye shadow .

Cheeks – Rose shades give blondes a radiant complexion. Light pink, rose and peach hues with a trace of gold go well with golden blonde hair

Lips – All shades of pink are great choices for blonde women.



Eyeshadow – If you have black hair you can put the focus on your eyes with smoky shades like chocolate brown, charcoal and navy blue.

Cheeks – sheer pink or peach blush.

Lips – nude to light pink lips if you are going for smokey eyes look. You can also try bright red or hot pink lips with natural eye makeup.


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Eyeshadow – Brunettes with dark brown hair should select brown hues with a greyish tinge, greyish light purple hues. Medium-brown hair gives you a wide range of color options–from earthy neutrals to bold, juicy shades of coral, berry, and pink.

Cheeks – rose shade with brownish undertones

Lips – Bright red is a great lip colour for brunettes.



Eyeshadow – Green and also warm makeup tones like – peach, bronze and copper.

Cheeks – Natural blush colours like apricot, coral red and peach look very classy.

Lips – Any lipcolors in natural shades like coral, peach, apricot and rose .

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