Skin care regimen of all starts with washing your face every day. But how many of us are doing it the right way? If you are washing your face absentmindedly and ignoring the steps to be followed while washing your face till now then it is the right time for you to change this habit. Most of the times we wash our face without thinking, that by doing little extra we can get a healthier skin. We buy best of the skin products which are best suited to our skin type and expect best of results, but again, are we using them in an appropriate manner?
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Think about it, if you had been doing it in a wrong way in past few years then try to follow these steps and try to correct your self:

1.      Hand Wash– There is a reason why generally every one puts stress on washing hands, because they are the carriers of germs. While washing face you must wash your hands first. This avoids exposure of face to dirt, germs, grease and grim that accumulates on hands after day’s activities. Also, you must remove the makeup with a quality makeup remover before washing face.

2.      Luke-warm Water– There is common accordance for the usage of hot water to wash face. It on the contrary dehydrates the skin and makes it dry. To start with it is suggested to use Luke warm water to wash your face. If you have sensitive skin then go for cool water, this helps to constrict blood vessels.

3.      Cleansing-. Squeeze just a little blob of facial cleanser and rub on your fingers. Gently massage your face with your fingertips using small circular motion and try to give more of upward strokes on your jaw line, neck and cheeks. Choose your cleanser carefully as per your skin type. Never use cleanser which very old and has cross the expiry date. Never rub your face harshly and never use products that you generally use for body as the skin of your face is thin than the skin of the body.

4.      Removing Cleanser– Now before splashing water, remove cleanser using muslin cloth. This way you can ensure removal of majority dirt and grime. As you clean do it in a circular motion to give gentle exfoliating effect. You might give some extra attention to hairline, nose, ears and neck.

5.      Splash of Cold Water- Give your face splashes of cool water 3 to 5 times. Water should not be freezing cold; it should be cool enough to close your pores. In the end pat dry with a clean towel.

Once you are done with the washing it becomes very important to daily tone your skin, with a toner best suited skin, for oily skin tea tree toners are best. After this you may apply the under eye gel to get rid or prevent dark circles, crows feet and puffiness. Moisturize your skin, dry to normal skin also release natural oil, so in that case you must try lotions, excessive dry skin needs nourishing moisturizing cream. Then after apply a layer of sun protection on top of it. Normal to oily skin type must be treated with daily moisturizers that have SPF 15. This effective for cold region but for hot regions, like regions close to equator, must try giving maximum protection against sun.

Author Bio : Eve Dawson, a professional writer and a skin and beauty expert and also a language enthusiast, spends her time by giving guest lectures on beauty tips and skin care and on her community French workshops. Eve Dawson is also an occasional writer and loves to share her thoughts and experience on Revitol skin care products.  

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