Looking for a job can be very exhausting. You might spend weeks or months checking online for job vacancies everywhere in the country and even in companies’ careers section, but there comes a point when you are the lucky candidate and you get called for a job interview.

And we all know that job interviews are not just about skills and resume, but also about presence and aspect. So you want to look spotless and professional. You want your presence to be absolutely perfect. On this matter, make up can be a bit tricky. You want to wear some, but you don’t want it to make other people think you look like a clown or that you’re ready to go out with your friends. So your motto will be: less is more, but let there be some.

Foundation: If you have a spotless complexion, don’t use any foundation or powder. If you don’t, then use those that perfectly match your skin tone, so to look as much natural as possible but covering some of those little skin imperfections most of us have. No need to spend a lot of money in the perfect one for you, check out the top 10 foundations for less than $20!

Lips: Wear lipstick, not lip gloss. Gloss is too shiny and youthful for such a formal occasion. At the same time, avoid bright lipstick colours such as reds and carnations. Keep it on the matte light pinks or browns if you have dark skin.

Eyes: concerning eye shadows, neutral shades are your best friends. Tan, brown and pink will help you to look at your best. A little shimmer is fine, but don’t go too shiny or colourful. However, the best would be just a touch of mascara and a tiny line of smudged eye pencil. Avoid the eye liner, unless you know how to apply it perfectly.

Brows: Make sure to groom your eyebrows, it will show you pay attention to details and will give you a neater look and facial expressions.

Cheeks: A touch of natural-looking blush, usually in a coral shade, will be the icing on the cake, making you look glowing and healthier. Apply it on your cheeks and shimmer it on your chin and forehead to lighten up your natural skin colour.

Makeup and looks aren’t everything, but let’s face it: if we want to look our best in any important event that might distinguish us from the rest of the crowd it’s a job interview!

Guest Author : AfricanFlower is a makeup expert who works for a local beauty parlor

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