Lakme CC Cream Review

BB, CC, DD,  ….seriously I can’t even keep up. So what’s the difference between BBs DSC03403and CCs? Is one better than the other?
The main difference being that the CC creams are going to focus more on correcting complexion issues and evening out skin tone.

CC creams are usually lighter in texture (depending on the brand) than BB creams and they will also give you more of a natural looking finish. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a BB or CC is that the creams can definitely vary brand to brand. If you prefer more coverage go for BB cream.
Mostly CC creams are applied after skincare routine and before foundation…

Coming back to the Lakme CC cream review …

Product Name : Lakme Complexion Care (CC) Cream
Price: Rs 250 for 30 ml

Product claim : Lakmé CC stands for Complexion Care cream. It combines the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of make-up to give you that perfect look in just a few minutes. Its skin care benefits include sun protection (SPF 20), moisturizing, brightening and freshness while its make-up benefits are an even skin tone and basic coverage

My Thoughts ?

I got the shade Beige in Lakme CC cream which is PERFECT for me. I read about this product on my favourite beauty blogs. I had heard a lot about CC creams in youtube videos a year ago and I really waited long for a good CC cream to arrive in India. This CC cream was a year late in hitting the Indian beauty market. .

I use very little quantity and my buffing brush for an even application. The coverage of this CC cream is neat. I have some redness in my chin and nose and just a light amount of this product buffed into my skin with my Real Techniques buffing brush really does the trick!! It’s not dewy so I dust a bit of my Rimmel matte powder over it to set it after adding some concealer where I need it. If I use the product heavily on my face, it looks fake and unnatural. I like my skin to be seen through whatever I put on my face.

Colour correcting optics act to aid a slew of different complexion issues like dullness, DSC03411redness, swallow or yellow skin, or even blotchy redness. Sadly Lakme CC cream doesn’t correct all these issues. But the color correcting formula in Lakme CC do help to perfect concerns like dullness or sallowness. Also it contains SPF 20 so you can withhold any steamy summer day!

When my skin is behaving I use it on it’s on. When it’s blemished I use it as a base under my doublewear  foundation or whatever foundation I’m in the mood for.

Packaging : Comes in a gold colored squeeze  tube. Very travel friendly packaging.

Coverage : Medium Coverage.

Shades Available :  Two Shades are available. Beige (for a fair to wheatish complexion) and Bronze (for a dusky complexion) enabling you to choose the right shade for your complexion.

Texture : The formula has a thicker, creamier texture with a gel-like consistency that gives skin a nice bit of moisture as it corrects. Don’t mistake this for a foundation since it won’t give you full coverage. It will however, even out skin tone, conceal minor redness.

Shades Available :  Two shades are available. Beige (for a fair to wheatish complexion) and Bronze (for a dusky complexion) enabling you to choose the right shade for your complexion.


  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Comes with SPF 20
  • Gives sheer to medium coverage
  • Can correct dull-looking skin.
  • No allergic reactions
  • Blends easily
  • Evens out skin tone

Cons :
feels heavy on the skin.
cause a bit of white cast in flash photography .
only two shades available.

Will I buy it again : Yes  !

Final Verdict : At first, I was not a fan. After I used it a few times and mastered the application, I fell in love with it! Just use a little at a time to apply, and blend, blend, blend!

My Rating : 4/5

More Pictures DSC03403

Ingredient List

Ingredient List


lovely packaging

DSC03408 DSC03414

lakmecc cream swatches

lakme cc cream without concealer and powder

So what do you like – CC or BB creams?
Personally, I don’t care what it’s called, just as long as it works Smile

**PR sample(s) for review . This has not affected my opinion. I have given my 100 % honest opinion about the product mentioned in the post.

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  1. Would love to try it! i still have to check the cc creams :S

  2. Looks like a good one to try, I’ve not tried a CC cream yet but I’d be worried that this only comes in two shades when I’m so pale!

  3. Sadly, it didnt work out for me but I am glad it did for you Smile

  4. Looks great on you Smile

  5. that’s great for you! I wish I find the right cream for my skin. This reminds me that I need to buy an eye concealer.
    Great post Smile !

  6. Nice review & looks grt on u dear Smile

  7. poonamjain says:

    This CC cream provides me the coverage i have been looking for a while.. it felt and stayed better than BB creams.. loving it.. Smile Smile I got it in Bronze.. u have a lovely skin dear.. Kiss

    • Yeah love the coverage this cc cream provides … Thanks sweets for your lovely comment, when my skin is behaving it looks lik this but when it’s blemished I need a lot of makeup layerin Wink

  8. i really want to try this one..will see if i get easily in UK…nice review..

    my recent one :

  9. nice post!

    The New Art of Fashion

  10. That sounds amazing, thanks for the review!

    Chris x

  11. great review!
    happy day! Smile

  12. Oh Good Lord!

    Your B’ful Skin!! *Touchwood* It Seems Perfectly Airbrushed!

    And, I Gotta Try This CC Cream Now.. Have Heard So Much About It!

  13. Really it feels heavy on skinThinking I’m not impressed!! Nice review dear <3

    • Hey dear I Agree with you even I didn’t like the heavy texture Frown Frown… I guess lakme shouldn’t call this CC cream …since CC creams are know for lighter texture Smile

  14. Wow! Looks great on you! Beige is perfect for me as well!

  15. Amazing post!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!! Wink


  16. Hey nice review Dear. I am yet to try this.

  17. Very nice post!
    I haven’t tried a CC cream yet.

  18. Interesting review!!!
    Chic With The Least

  19. I’ve always heard of this CC! really nice post.. thanks for this! Smile

  20. Hi shreya, Lovely review…. i’m yet to try the CC cream.

    Tanuja Smile

  21. I love it the core!! I prefer CC cream over BB creams Smile
    nice review and lovely pics as usual Smile <3

  22. nice review! i am gonna try this soonSmile

  23. I haven’t tried CC creams yet. Thanks for the review!

  24. I think it’s a decent though still I am not a fan of it and even I dont care whether they call it BB or CC, I want them so suit my skin type and color. that’s it!! Smile Nice review dear!

    • Well said dear ! I guess Lakme shouldn’t have name this one as CC cream … Clinique has done the job better …they have many shades available and also their CC cream is suitable for sensitive skin <3 <3

  25. Cute post! Smile

  26. Good to hear that the color is such a great match for you! That is usually the biggest thing with face products right, finding the right shade.

  27. omg, its science for me! now at least I know the difference thanks to you! Thank you for such informative and great post!

  28. I’m going to be broke because of you!! I want all of this.

  29. I can’t keep up with BB, CC creams too.
    I feel like there are so many products that you can’t even decide what is better for you!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

    • That’s so right dear Smile its really difficult to find out which product suits your skin type … …all thanks to the wide variety of products available des days Smile

  30. i dont really understand the vast different between cc and bb creams hahahaha

  31. I love BB and CC creams. Great review!

  32. This makes me wanna try this badly because your face looks sooo sheen and perfect with it.
    and what other brands have CC cream?
    my recent post :

  33. I love them totally…nice review shreya

  34. Cool review, I like your blog (:

  35. I can hardly keep up with these new creams either. Thanks for the review!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  36. This is a helpful and informative post especially since I’ve wanted to know more about these sorts of products for awhile now.

  37. Great post Smile
    And great blog as always…!!


  38. have to agree with you.. whether they’re bb or cc creams.. as long as they get the job done, then it’s good! Grin

    Animated Confessions

  39. This is somewhat like BB cream only..But great Lakme has come out with all attractive products <3


  40. Lakme has come out with great products…Looks like BB cream only..


  41. Great review dear – I liked the CC cream result on my skin Smile Problem I faced that I had to dust pressed powder every time to settle it well

    • Thank You dear ! Glad u liked d review <3
      The problem with Lakme CC cream is dat you need lot of work to make it look perfect, I set it with Maybelline Dream Matte & the combination really works well together.

  42. Nice review.
    I need to try this asap

  43. Shreya I want it yaar ! Pls send it to me Grin Looks great on your skin.
    Is it like foundation ?

  44. Great review! Never heard of this brand to know. Thanks for sharing! ^.~ x

  45. Nice review shreya! i am using this at the moment , its good!


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