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Spotting a celebrity on the street with no sunglasses on is quite a rarity. Most famous people try to conceal their identity in their quest for privacy, and one of the accessories they use very often are sunglasses. Check out AllBrandsGlasses.com for a pair that’s right for you. Others do the exact opposite, wearing outfits that stand out, with funky sunglasses that catch the eye. Whichever side they’re on, these five celebrities surely do love their sunglasses:

Gwen Stefani

1. Gwen Stefani taught us that even punk girls can become style icons.  Her transformation from the 90s until now is quite amazing, as are all the sunglasses styles she’s showcased in the process. Her frames are often oversized, made of acetate, and they’re usually a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome outfit.


Miley Cyrus2. Miley Cyrus is kind of a reversed Gwen, starting out as a pop idol and turning into a punk princess. She always did like her sunglasses, but ever since she cut and bleached her hair, she’s been wearing tons of cool new and vintage frames. In short, her edgy style is complemented by edgy sunglasses.




Miranda Kerr3. The former Victoria’s Secret model recently told a magazine that the first thing she does when getting off the plane is to put on sunglasses. This way she keeps her face make-up free for photo shoots, while also looking great. No wonder we see her wearing frames at almost all times! Miranda Kerr loves Prada and MiuMiu especially, and her favorite style is cat eye.




4. You can’t be a bad girl and have your eyes show, Rihanna knows that! She likes to wear colorful, oversized, funky frames – and she’s lucky that almost everything works on her face! And since a little bling never hurt anyone, she’s not afraid to try that, too. Check out a great selection of eye wear by clicking here.


Selena Gomez

5. Selena Gomez shows how independent she is with sexy, but tasteful outfits, that turn heads. She does the same with her sunglasses, picking classic styles (oval, cat eye) for an understated look. Even though she’s still very young, she seems to have fashion all figured out.

Image Source stylebistro.com
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