~Guest Post by Dixie Somers

In the fall you might wake up to a very cold morning, but by early afternoon, be sweltering in the sweater and coat you put on earlier in the day. Then later on that night, the weather could be chilly again. Without carrying a suitcase of clothes to change in and out of, what else can a fashion-conscience young lady do? Here are some ideas that will keep you warm, and allow you to stay cool, all while being in style.

Layering in the MorningFall Is Here - Learn How to Look Good and Stay Warm This Autumn

Begin with what you’d like to wear in the afternoon when it’s much more likely to be warmer. Staple items, such as a sweet tank top with a lace collar or neckline is always good. Over this, put on a basic t-shirt or hoodie. Clothing companies like Reem sell some great hoodies that might interest you and will definitely keep you warm. When you get ready to leave the house, but before you put on your coat, slip on a nice fall coloured fleece. Leave that unzipped, and then put your coat on. In the afternoon, you can remove the fleece and the hoodie, too, if needed, so you don’t get overheated. Being soggy is never in style! You’ll have your cute tank top already on and ready to go. In the evening, when the temperature drops again, you can slip everything back on, and stay comfortably warm.

Leggings are More than Versatile, They’re Warm!

You can wear leggings with skirts, dresses, tunics, and dress them up or down. Black leggings with a brightly colored sweater and scrunchy boots are an all time classic. You can also wear them with a solo tunic with a metallic belt for a very chic look.

Color is Important

You don’t want to compete with nature, but you can work with it instead. Wearing colorful clothing at this time of the year helps keep you in a more cheerful mood. The shorter days can cause some people to get less sunlight than they are used to getting, and this can cause lethargy to set in. Wearing brighter colors can help boost moods for both you and for those around you.

Jewellery Tops it All Off

Getting a few nice pieces of jewellery that complements several outfits always helps. It won’t keep you warmer, but it will make the pieces of clothing you have seem different when worn with different pieces of jewellery.

The point of fashion is to be separate from everyone else, to be different, unique, but still acceptable. Always wear something tasteful. If you wouldn’t want to be photographed with something on, don’t wear it!

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