Heylo beauties I’m back in Mumbai. :)

Sorry for disappearing but I had to go to Jammu for work. So much of catch up ! I feel like I haven’t posted in ages!

Today, I am going to show you the makeup I carry everyday to work in my makeup bag. Because I do different things when I’m working from shoots to events and meetings, the make-up I carry has to be suitable for every occasion.

Just thought I would also point out how cute my makeup bag is, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!DSC00088The makeup bag is from Victoria Secret !

I’ve rounded-up key essentials which are staples for a “bare basics” daytime to night-time look. My schedule has been so hectic recently, I have been staying awake all night. So I need to carry a concealer stick and foundation wherever I go (don’t judge me ;)

So what can this little bag fit inside? Quite a lot, if you ask me… so take a peek at what it can hold –
DSC00084 DSC00093 DSC00095 DSC00100DSC00105DSC00094

Inside my makeup bag…

So there you have it, my natural and not-so-natural make-up products. I’m moving to more glamorous makeup products ! work in progress !

Speaking of make-up, I need to go put some on right now :D

What do you carry in your makeup bag ?

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