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Welcome to makeup school :announce:
I did love to confess that I used to always underestimate the power of concealer  :-D
I have foundation + compact ! Why need a concealer ?
I hate to say this but everything I thought about this poor baby is completely wrong. :cry:

A right combination concealer and foundation is all that you need to achieve a flawless look.

Important Concealer Tips –


  •  You should have two different concealer shades to combat these two different issues. Acne, pimples, and various forms of breakouts are usually red in color, so a yellow-based concealer is perfect to conceal this issue. Use a cream-based concealer for a fuller coverage.
  • If you’ve severe dark circles use orange concealer (or corrector), this colour is especially made to camouflage dark circles.
  • If dark circles are less visible you can skip orange and use a yellow concealer depending on your skin tone.
  • Concealer should always be 1- 2 shades lighter than ur skin tone and preferably with a yellow base rather than pink.
    (Yellow: cancels purple to blue and Green: cancels redness )
  • Always try different concealers and see which works for you and covers the best.
  • A concealer brush is must to apply concealer to the under-eye area. A brush will give you fuller coverage and allow you to conceal in the tiny inner corner of the eyes.

How I apply concealer ?

1. Take a teeny amount on back of my hand.
2. Take my concealer brush and spread the product wherever I need.
3. Dab the product in the areas that need concealing.
4. Finally I lightly pat with my ring finger.

Once I learned how to properly apply concealer and pick the right shade for my skin type, it quickly became a part of my daily makeup routine and now I never leave home without it.


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