It’s not often you see someone on youtube and go wow, “she’s so talented”. Well that’s how I felt when I visited, a truly expert hair stylist, Megan’s channel.  If you don’t know her name, don’t worry, you soon will.  She’s one of my favourite youtube guru. Her channel is full of hair styling videos along with loads of expert tips and tricks.

Megan kindly took time out of her busy schedule for this interview and we’re glad to be able to share it with all of you!


1. Tell us about yourself and your Youtube Channel ?
I’ve went to Cosmetology school just after graduating high school in 2009. I’ve always been a really creative person and hair really spoke to me. In 2011, I decided to start my hair channel on YouTube after having been on a different channel with some high school friends for just funny videos. Once I really got into it I realized there was a whole new world of possibilities with hair videos. Then I developed a following and they inspired me to make hair advice videos outside of my usual hair tutorials. It’s a great way to stay fresh on my job and be as creative as I want to be.

2. What is the most enjoyable part of being a youtube Guru ?
The subscribers that are so sweet and so loyal. The ones that ask me questions and tell me they wish they lived near me so I could be their stylist. I feel like they are my friends that I’ve gotten to know and share advice with them just like I do my actual clients in my chair. If I could give each and every one of them a giant hug, I would! They are what keep me going.

3. Your Top 5 Must have Hair care product ?
-Sulfate free shampoo (fave now is Pureology Nano Works)
-leave in conditioner
-heat protectant (love Alterna’s and Biolage)
-Alterna CC creme
-dry shampoo (my current fave is Pureology’s newest dry shampoo and complimenting dry conditioner!)

4. Any special tips can you give to our readers specially for winter ?
leave in conditioner is really important! Not only does it help retain moisture, but it helps weigh down the hair, so those little fly always you get from static, it works great!

5. what is one style tip that you can give to them, that could make a world of difference?
you know how bobby pins have the long straight side and then the one with the little kick stand? That little kickstand goes next to your head! It’s helped me so much. and to make one stay securely, start by taking the piece of hair you want pinned, push the straight side in the hair the opposite way you want it to sit, then bring it back around to have the kick stand sit on your head. I have a video called “Everything you need to know about bobby pins” where I show this method. It makes you use so few bobby pins!

6. Which is your favourite hair style ?
Oh I have to pick one!?! I love so many! If it has to be all up I’d say really loose curls with a braid pulled into a romantic pun. If it’s all down, can’t go wrong with big beautiful waves!


Final Words –  Thanks so much for taking an interest in my channel! Anyone who wants to pursue being a hair stylist or putting something they love doing on YouTube, go for it! You will be amazed at the result and how happy you are doing what you enjoy most!!


Be sure to check out Megan’s channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

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