Hello, lovelies! I’m finally posting a makeup look! These are my favorite type of posts to do but, like I’ve said before, I’ve been very busy with work and have really very little time for blogging .

Today I’m here to share a sexy romantic look and give you some makeup tips that I follow to get a flawless look. This is a shimmery-sexy yet very girly look for Valentine’s Day. I would love to post two Valentine’s looks: one for daytime and one for night-time. This one is more of a night-time look and I hope I have time to make a post for the day time look. If you’re wondering what products I have used click HERE.

vday makeup tutorial

Face Makeup –

  1.  I skipped primer and instead mixed moisturiser with CC cream to give my skin a healthy glow and correct the uneven skin texture.
  2.  Foundation and Concealer : I always feel I wear a little more makeup than others. Here I’ve used a photo friendly foundation, basically a foundation with no spf .  Remember to use layers and gradually work up as too much thick cakey makeup. I prefer using a kabuki brush or a stippling brush to give more coverage. I have used two types of concealer one for dark circles and other for blemishes.
  3. Powder : I’ve used a matte powder to set makeup. Avoid shimmer, sometimes it can make your face look little oily and if you’re using shimmer in eye-makeup avoid using highlighter.
  4. Brows : Your brows are like a picture frame to your face so why wouldn’t you want them to look their best ? Fill in your brows with brow pencil and use gel to keep them in place. I’ve used a brown eyeshadow to fill my eyebrows.
  5. Blush : Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and not too low or you’ll drag your features down. I have used a light pinkish blush which may not be visible in the picture.
  6. Bronzer : For me contouring is an essential step. I use a matte bronzer to contour.
  7. For Lips : makeup look. Any neutral shade of your choice will also work. I’ve used a soft pink shade. I’ve mentioned all the product I’ve used HERE


Eye-Makeup Tutorial


Step 1 : Conceal your under eye dark circles and apply a eyeshadow primer. I’ve used  yellow based concealer to hide discolouration on my lids and darkness under eyes.

Step 2 : Apply a shimmery pink shade on centre of your lids. Add a matte brown color which is just one/two shades darker than your skin tone along your crease area and blend with a fluffy brush.

Step 3 : Take a matte black eyeshadow. We gonna use it little on the outer corner of our eyes to accentuate the look . Keep adding the black eyeshadow to get the intensity you want. Use a bit of the  same matte black shade in the inner corner of your eyes. Blend well

Step 4 : As a highlighting color use any neutral shade which is close to your skin tone . Apply underneath your brows.

Step 5 : Time for eyeliner . I’m using Mac blacktrack eyeliner . Starting with the top lid. Don’t forget to tightline your top lash line . Line your waterline as well. Use a waterproof gel liner . Smudge the brush into your lashes a bit to smoke it even more.

Step 6 : I have used white eyeshadow from nude-tude palette in the inner corner of my eyes. This makes me look more awake.

Step 7 : Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.  If you have any fallouts on your checks clean it with loose powder. I normally apply a highlighting concealer under my eyes post eyemakeup.

And you’re done! Smile
Once you get the hang of it, play around with different colors and shapes to see what cool looks you can come up with. Then just try and stop blowing kisses at your sexy reflection .

Some Interesting Twists :

  • Instead of primer I mixed my moisturiser with CC cream and applied it with a foundation brush. The base is perfect to add radiance and covers uneven skin texture.
  • I sprayed rose water to dampen my stippling brush. It gave me perfect airbrushed look.
  • I skipped highlighter but used a brightening concealer on my cheek bones. Sometimes shimmer in the highlighter can make your skin look very oily.
  • I used A brown Eyeshadow two shades darker than my skin-tone to contour.
  • Instead of concealer brush I used eyeshadow blending brush to blend concealer around my eyes.
  • I combined shimmery pink with black matte eyeshadow. I also used brown to soften the matte black shade.

Products Used



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