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Today’s beauty talk is all about Skin Serums !  Serum was one of the lesser known skincare trends, but it soon started trending in the beauty markets due to its magical properties in keeping skin flawless throughout the years.


When I first came across a high end brand serum I was like Omgeeee, that’s expensive! It was a pretty plus classy looking bottle, but a bit (or more honestly: much) too pricey and besides that I already have a good night and day cream, also I thought adding a facial serum in my beauty regimen will waste my time as I’m super lazy ( and slow) in early mornings and also before hitting my bed.

OK I agree, I heard so many nice things about it, but then it doesn’t make me feel all flush and faint, which is what a new lipstick or a night cream does to me. But sadly beauty is not about what looks pretty outside, even a boring looking bottle can have tons of benefits.

One of the main benefits of facial serums is that they offer a wide range of skin care benefits in just one easy application. There are variety of facial serums available in the beauty market such as skin brightening serums, anti-aging serums, serums for acne prone skin, etc. The most famous are the anti-aging one’s – which have special skin firming and dark spot reducing properties. You See there is a serum for every skin problem !

Some high end Serums are formulated to improve skin textures and skintone. The reason why serums work more effectively is because of their ability to penetrate deep inside skin layers. Serums are applied only after cleansing-toning, but before your moisturizer and sunscreen. The main reason you want to use a skin serum is because of its quality to absorb easily and quickly. Plus they also add a natural / instant glow to your face by providing deep nourishment.

Texture wise there is huge difference between a moisturizer and a serum but effect wise both can be similar depending on brand. Moisturizer has larger molecules compared to a serum, that’s why a moisturizer cannot penetrate as deeply as a serum. Many serums have nutrients which are deposited deep inside your skin while moisturizers are just meant to add moisture, hydration and protection to your skin. Serum also contains active ingredients which helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and lock in moisture for healthy supple skin. If it is formulated with pure Vitamin C or Vitamin E, then it can support natural collagen production and also  minimize fine lines. 

Skincare companies are doing their job well by recommending and making you believe that you need both, but that is not at all true. A problematic skin always needs something extra. So if you have dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes etc, I’ll surely recommend you to use a serum. But if you have normal skin with no skin concerns then no need to burn more money and splurge on these fancy skincare things.

Skincare FAQ –

1)  My Current Favorite Serum ?
I’ve just started trying Lakme Infinity and Olay Serum. Watch this space for detailed review.

2)  Serum I want to try ?
I have Estee Lauder night repair on my radar!!

3)  Which Serum you recommend ?
I need to know your skin type first. Feel free to ask me by clicking HERE

4)  Is Facial Serum important in your beauty regimen ?
Like I said no need to rush if you have good / normal skin. But you can invest in a good brand facial serum if you have dark spots, wrinkles etc.

5)  How to Use Skin Serum ?
Apply evenly to face and neck in the morning and evening, after cleansing and toning.


 Have you tried any skin serum ??? Which one is your favorite ???


Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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