Hello friends, today  I was thinking HOW do some people look glamorous day- n-night? Every season without any reason ? :worship: 
Multi Million Dollar Question, Right ?
And why do we end up looking just average even if we put on lot of efforts and time. If you keep up with my tweets (@beautyndbest) you already know some expert makeup tips I shared recently. I decided to collect and bring together all those tips here because I think you can scroll through and easily get a sense of it.


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Play With Blush Wisely :

So many YouTube Classes , So many Makeup Gurus yet one of the biggest mistakes every girl going to make in her lifetime is – Blush ! Well, I agree a blush is damn important to make your face alive but still most of us go wrong with it and so You Need these Tips –

  • First and foremost get a good quality angled brush or large fluffy brush.
  • Don’t smile while applying blush , do a fish face and then apply blush with gentle strokes.
  • Apply with a light hand. Putting too much blush on your face instantly turns you into a clown, so AVOID !

Heavy Metallic Painted Eyes Look Great With Neutral Lips :

Don’t be petrified of this beauty trend! Heavy Metallic Eyes when done in a smart way can really raise your glamour quotient. By smart way I mean blending together right shades. Also dark liner and mascara should be used to amp up the look. Neutral lipstick and translucent lipgloss look good with the heavy eye makeup. Extra tip is : Apply Glitter Metallic Eyeshadows by pushing them on eye lids with your ring finger , Helps a lot !


Red Lips and Cat Eyes Can Transform You into A Diva :

Going for a evening party and don’t have the time to experiment with makeup, that’s what happens with me all the time. All those looks I imagine in my makeup obsessed mind are of no use when I’m running late. But this is when I create my classic Diva look – Red Lips and Cat Eyes. Nothing is overly flashy in this look, just some brightness on cherry red lips and a beautiful jet black lined eyes – it’s a bit extra glam.


Place Bronzer Safely :

Typically speaking I am not really a fan of bronzer but the contouring thing is good, feel like a sculpted wax statue model. I’m thinking right ? Completely worth my time ! But in this mode sometimes I overdo bronzer and my face looks so muddy and dull. Also it gives a look that I have two toned face or problematic dark patches . So less is definitely more in case of bronzer.

Lip liner your new BFF :

Looking glamorous and looking polished is nearly equal ! A lip liner can give you that polished look. A lip gloss can add extra staying power of your lipstick and in some cases add pigmentation to sheer lipsticks or glosses. So get one or two lip liners that suit your natural lip color !


Believe in the Power of Mascara :

I realize mascara may not be the most exciting topic in the world of makeup, but it can be SO important , especially when you’re after looking gorgeous. I think mascara is great for number of reasons — making your face look alive, making you eyes extra beautiful, etc.

Time To share Your Tips :)

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