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Everyone loves the blend of THAT charming Victoria Beckham fashion sensibility, heavy dose of Emma Watson practicality and dash of super hero Anne Hathaway confidence! There’s a lot to love about this winter 2014 trends, and it’s like making a game plan for your wardrobe this season. 

We are here with some hot winter fashion trends you need to know to get you looking glamorous everyday –

Cropped Cape :

We’ve seen them on Emma Watson, featured in all the favorite red carpet looks, and on the shoulders of some of our favorite celebrities. But are Cropped Cape wearable in real life? For college girls? My answer is YES . When worn correctly, they can make big impact in the way you look. But avoid fashion blunder by wearing printed cape, shiny styles with layers and folds. Unless you’re trying to copy Lady Gaga, prints on cape should be avoided at all costs. Instead, try cream or wine colored cape that have a natural finish, they’ll work exceptionally well as a part of a more fashion-forward outfit.


Always balance cropped cape with knee high boots or good pumps. This is probably the most valuable tip to keeping your look elegant & classy. If you’re going to wear pencil skirt or tight leggings always make sure your cape has plenty of fabric and folds. 

You can also ditch the crowded stores and malls by shopping new trends online. This season you can get so many awe-inspiring Fashion coupons and deals if you’re shopping online. 


The Cat Eye Sunglasses :


Cat eye sunglasses go with many different face shapes – particularly heart or round-shaped. You can select the normal black ones or add some fun with cheetah print ones.

These are the new “it” sunglasses; everyone from Rihanna to Scarlett have been spotted rocking cat eye shades this winter.

Statement Coats :


In winter Anything less is overexposure! Right ? The Bulky Sad Basic coat is not at all cool specially in 2014 winter. Now everyone loves getting covered up in CHIC statement coat.

This one might seem quite obvious, but taking a simple dress and layering it under a statement coat (unbuttoned of course) and pairing it with leather pants is a good way to play safe this winter. These coats are not at all bulky and if you find a perfect match you’ll be using it more frequently than any other winter outfit.

High Boots :


Knee high boots are likely the specific trend of winter. They are known to turn you into a diva, if you pair them with short-length skirts. Counterbalance these stylish accessories with a girly dress or a sober t-shirt. If your choice is more tailored, then jeans shorts makes the perfect partner.

Knee-high boots The loonger the boots, the better it looks with skinny leggings. Elevate the look for evening with a figure hugging red dress, or go for a cape dress.
Whichever way you wear it, make the high boots your wardrobe staple this cold season.


Stoles and Scarf :


For you daring beauties, I recommend wrapping stripped or animal print over-sized scarf. Pair scarf or stoles with a leather jacket for a really cool and super COZY look.

Other idea to rock this trend is knotting a lightweight scarf around neck with a oversized sweater. For the sexy cool cats, layering jacket with a gray knit scarf is too awesome to handle. This look is great for going out with friends, you can sport this look for work too.

Whatever way or style you choose to go with, just remember confidence and right fashion accessories can guarantee to make you look glamorous.

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