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I have to confess that I’m quite fussy about my hair care products. I have curly long hair that has tendency to get super dry in winter and super oily in summer. So changing my routine according to season really helps. :-)
Recently I got some new products that I hope will work for my hair. I also got few conditioners for which I guess I’ll need a separate post. 


So I wanted to do a post specially dedicated to all these hair care products. You will also find some great tips for healthy hair below. Before we start with the haul here’s something I wish to share – 

My Hair Story : Honestly I’ll start by saying I’ve the weirdest hair texture. For most of my teenage years I had super curly, dry, extremely unmanageable hair. Thankfully these days my hair looks pretty silky and I have got tons of compliments for that. I’m glad I changed all my products and have also experimented with variety of hair oils. I’m always on the hunt for gentle and effective products. Let me know if you would like me to do a special post on my hair care routine.

The Hair Products I Got –

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L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo (Rs 950) :

Basically its a dry that absorbs grease and adds life to limp hair. You can do a day or two without washing hair. If you are a fitness freak who doesn’t have time to wash hair every day, this one is for you. I’ve read some good reviews about this product by my blogger friends & all I have to say is that it works well and smells fantastic. This dry shampoo gives your hair a very fresh clean look. Described as ideal dry shampoo for all hair types. Review coming soon …

FX Brazilian Smooth Keratin Blowout Cream (Rs 445) :

No worries of harmful heat damage anymore. This blowout cream claims to protect your hair from dryer and other heat appliances. I would recommend this for those with medium to thick locks.  Only a TINY amount of this hair cream is enough, over-applying can make your hair look greasy and flat.
It is enriched with Bamboo extract, Wheat Protein, Keratin, Vitamin E which together give smooth hair . Interesting ! Lets hope it works for my dry hair too.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil Serum ( Rs 990) :

Do you have to spend hours to make your hair look smooth and shiny. This Argan Oil and Rich Bran Oil enriched serum by L’Oreal makes your job easy by taming unmanageable hair. Sometimes when I don’t have enough time to condition my hair I apply this serum on towel dried hair. I also like to add a bit to dry ends to keep them from getting fluffy and frizzy looking. It adds healthy shine and helps to detangle. This stuff works wonders for my hair and has secured a spot in my hair care routine. 


Toni&Guy Prep Smoothing Detangler ( Rs 650 ) : 

This product is for both men and women. The company says it conditions frizzy hair and make them manageable. I’m impressed that so many brands are bringing out their own variant on this serum trend. I used this on my damp hair and couldn’t notice any difference. But still I haven’t given up on this one.  Lets see …

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo ( Rs 175 ) :

I have thick hair but lately I experience hair fall, so anything that reads strengthening goes in my cart. I found that best way to use a shampoo is massaging it on scalp for 2 minutes in the shower. But before this one gave results I switched on to himalaya shampoo. To be continued ….

DSC03528 DSC03534

Himalaya Damage Control Protein Shampoo : I never owned a himalaya shampoo before and so I’m super exciting to try. Basically it says it helps to repair damaged hair and makes them healthy. Those who have used this say that it really works and your hair feels soft in one wash itself. 
Himalaya Gentle Daily Care Shampoo : Gentle and herbal Hair products are ‘in’ thing right now. You can find tons of organic and herbal hair products from super-duper high end to affordable ones. This one is great for summer!! :-)

Healthy Hair Tips :

1. Try and avoid using too much heat on hair. Let your hair dry by itself instead of using blow-dryer. Any artificial mode of drying when used frequently can cause long term damage. Also if you can’t avoid heat and styling products , atleast invest in quality products.
2. Don’t use a comb with plastic bristles.
3. Stay away from permanent straightening or re-bonding treatments.
4. Ask your doctor to suggest good vitamin tablets
5. Olive oil & argan oil works wonders for dry hair.
6. Deep conditioning hair regularly in winter is a must.
7. If budget permits pamper your hair at salon at-least once a month. I recommend deep conditioning, hair spa or head massage.
8. Don’t wash your hair every day.
9. Use Home made hair packs.
10. Add proteins, vitamins and minerals to your diet.
11. Invest in a good rich hair mask. ( use it ever 3-4 days in winter)
12. Exercise and stay hydrated :-)

If you have any hair care tips that worked for you PLEASE comment below & don’t forget to VOTE !
I love hearing your opinions :)

  Love you ALL So Much

Shreya :heart:


Disclaimer:  All opinions are absolutely my own and my experience with the product is 100 % honest.

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