~ By Preeti Pojara

Hello friends !

I’m here with some tips and tricks to protect your hair and skin from damage caused due to holi colors, follow these simple tips so that you can enjoy holi and be tension-free while playing with colors :-)

 Here are some useful tips to be followed to preserve the natural beauty of your skin and hair. 

Before Playing Holi

Although playing with dry colors, water balloons and different types of color pistols or water guns is an exhilarating experience, we cannot be sure that colors available in market are totally chemical free. Even the natural colors made from henna, turmeric, tea leaves or Palash flowers can leave the skin dry and dehydrated. To prevent the harmful effects of colors, massage your body with olive oil or coconut oil on previous night of Holi. Also, oil your hair and massage your scalp gently before going to bed. While playing holi, nicely tie up your hair in a pony tail or a bun. Side braid is a cool hairstyle to wear on the day of Holi. Funky hair bands or colorful hair clips can add some style to your look.  

Before going to play Holi, apply toner to close the open pores, so that your skin does not absorb harmful chemicals of the colors. After that, apply a generous coat of moisturizer or sunscreen on your face and all other exposed body parts. Fine coating of moisturizer prevents immediate harm to the skin. Protect your lips from the harsh colors by applying lip balm. You can also polish your nails with protective layers of nail polish and apply petroleum jelly around cuticles. Make sure to cover your body maximum by wearing full sleeves tops and full length bottoms. Cover your hair with a scarf or bandana and wear goggles to guard your eyes against colors. Try to avoid direct sunlight when smeared in colors, as direct sunlight may cause some damage to your skin.

After Playing Holi

Quick bath seems to be a perfect solution to salvage your skin and hair from the damaging effects of colors. However, do not use soap or body wash immediately after playing Holi. Alkaline properties of soap may further damage your skin. First of all, rub cleansing milk gently on your skin and wipe it off with moist cotton. Cream based cleansers are best to remove colors from the skin. You can also use natural cleansers such as aloe vera gel or paste of besan and turmeric mixed with milk. Banana peels are quite effective to get rid of colors from your skin. Cucumber juice and rose water are soothing to the skin and ideal for sensitive skin.

After cleansing you skin, go for a bath. Cold shower is advisable after playing Holi, as hot water may cause irritation and further dry up the skin. Use ph balanced mild soap to remove colors. Paste of Papaya also works as a great cleansing agent. Natural bleaching agent such as lemon peels can be used to remove the stubborn stains of colors. Apply generous amount of curds to your hair before shampooing. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

After having bath pamper your skin with almond nourishing cream or vitamin E cream. After playing Holi, remove nail polish and gently massage your nails and cuticles with petroleum jelly or a few drops of castor oil. Rose water and cucumber are good for eyes. You can dip cotton pads in rose water and keep them on your eyes for a few minutes. Or, place slices of cucumber on your eyes to feel soothing effect. 

Post Holi, drink a lot of water and fresh juices to keep your skin hydrated. For a few days after playing Holi, do not go for laser treatments, chemical peel or bleach. You can also postpone waxing, shaving or even simple facial for a few days after playing Holi.

Take good care of your skin and hair and allow them to recuperate from the harsh effects of colors and weather.
We wish you a happy and joyful Holi.  :) 

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