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Picking top 5 out of so many Handsome Men is the toughest job. The Indian Television Industry is loaded with good-looking talented men and so it is extremely hard to shortlist.

This list was made by our readers and we are crazily admiring it. Have a look at it and GET Ready to swoon over these good looking men on Television planet? Also Don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post :-)

We present you Top 5 Handsome Men on Indian TV –

Mohit Raina


His enchanting charisma instantly made him one of the Indian Television world’s most favorite. Only few actors in the telly world have ever got a chance to showcase their diverse acting skills in a single show. Mohit has already won millions of hearts by playing over 30 different characters in famous Mahadev series. One glance at a woman is enough to leave her weak at the knees. This Indian dreamboat is nothing short of a dashing gentleman with his gorgeous beach tan and chiseled body. Episode after episode he unintentionally made our obsession grow.


Gautam Rode


Gautam Rode’s Handsomeness is off-the-scale hot. He is a constant favorite among Male TV stars and is the country’s heart throb for sure. Besides his mesmerising eyes, a superheroic physique, strong acting skills and million dollar smile, he has the sexy timbre of his voice. Not convinced? Then you haven’t been watching his latest show – Maha khumb .

Karan Wahi


The classic internet crush or maybe the perfect crush for every girl. This good looking guy is everywhere on internet and in news and we’re totalling loving it. After falling for his magnetic, enchanting spell during the show Remix, this cute smile charmer has had us enthralled ever since. In Indian TV industry his charisma was, and will be always, second to none.

Karan Kundra


With his striking looks KK can kill us all. He has been making waves since his Kitani Mohabbat Hai days. The show was one of the most famous on Indian television and Karan so deserves to be on this list. He has the ability to switch from mysterious bad guy to boyishly handsome in an instant. His powerful acting ability enhances his extraordinary and characteristic face. 

Avinash Sachdev


Avinash is an extraordinarily good-looking man with a face that seems to be specifically crafted by nature for a superhero role. His ability to choose roles and flawless facial features has brought him to the top 5 list. A perfect example of killer combination of good looks and great acting skills. We’re totally bewitched by Mr. Sachdev. :-)


Who would you vote for ? And who is your all-time favorite Indian TV male actor?


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