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This is my very first post for BnB and I’m super excited about it. I was thinking of what to share with you through my first write-up and then I thought why don’t share the recipe of this super healthy and super healing smoothie? After all, ‘a healthy you’ actually means ‘a beautiful you’! Isn’t it? :-)

Well, I’ve been an ardent fan of this delicious natural remedy since last few years. It is extremely easy and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes, which is a true bliss for lazy people like me. Let’s first take a look at the recipe and then get familiar with its nutritional as well as healing benefits :

Easy and Healing Banana-Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

stomach problems cure

Preparation Time Required: 5 minutes

Cooking Time Required: 2 minutes

Total Time Required: 7 minutes

Yields: 1 large glass

(a) Ingredients Needed :

  •  Ripe banana – 2 small
  •  Vanilla yogurt – 150 gm.
  •  Ginger root – 1”
  • Pure honey – 1 tablespoon

(b) Instructions To Follow :

1. Wash and peel off the bananas and the piece of ginger root.

2. Make small slices of the bananas.

3. Grate the ginger root roughly.

4. Now, put all the ingredients inside a blender and blend until a smooth, creamy mixture is


5. Pour it into a tall serving glass.

6. Add a straw and serve.

stomach problems cure

(c) Tips:

 Whether you take two small bananas or a large one, make sure that they are ripe enough.

 I’ve used vanilla yogurt to add the mild flavor of vanilla to the smoothie. There are plenty of choices for flavored yogurt and you are absolutely free to pick your favorite one.

 Using pure organic honey is always the best option. For a non-organic alternative, simply use Dabur honey.

 Try to grate the ginger right before preparing the smoothie. Freshly grated ginger is known to be the best for its flavor and qualities.

 If you want your smoothie to be chilled and refreshing, add a few ice cubes to it prior to serving.

How Nutritious Is It?

It is not only very delicious, but also highly nutritious. In fact, you can call it a ‘nutrition-packed potion’ that can make everyone fall in love with its taste and flavor immediately. All four items used here are loaded with vital nutrients. So, what do you get from each serving of this rich, creamy drink? Check out below:

Per Serving of Banana-Yogurt Smoothie (approximately):

  •  Calorie – 157
  •  Fiber – 1.5 gm.
  •  Carbohydrate – 34 gm.
  •  Protein – 5 gm.
  •  Saturated fat – 0.8 gm.
  •  Unsaturated fat – 1 gm.
  •  Sugar – 28 gm.
  •  Sodium – 57 mg.

banana smoothie

Why Is It Healthy ? 

Do I really need to mention its goodness? Just take another look at its ingredients list and you will certainly be convinced. It has amazing healing qualities, which are especially beneficial for our stomach.

Here is what this apparently simple concoction can do for our health :

1. Being rich in essential macro and micro nutrients, this smoothie can nourish us efficiently from inside.

2. It improves our gastrointestinal health by easing chronic constipation as well as facilitating the natural process of digestion.

3. It keeps various digestive disorders at bay. Trust me, you will get fast relief from conditions like upset stomach, heaviness in stomach, abdominal gas, etc. if you drink this smoothie frequently.

4. It soothes inflamed digestive tract and heals conditions, such as acid reflux, heartburn, etc.

5. Drinking this smoothie will also help you get rid of nausea.

6. You will never be out of energy, if you have this smooth buttery drink regularly.

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Still waiting to give it a try? Oh, come on gals! Just gear up for having a better stomach. You will end up enhancing your overall health and looking beautiful naturally.


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