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You know those times when you see your favorite celebrity or read their interview and you do the human version of the heart-eyes emoji :inlove: ? Well that’s what happened with me recently when I saw Deepika Padukone’s Lux ad.

Not only I like her glamorous Indian avatar but I’m also a great admirer of her South Indian accent in Chennai Express, it is an all time favorite of mine. While there are hundreds of reasons to fall in love with her I have listed a few which most of Deepika’s Fan will agree.

Take a little peek … and find out why we Love Deepika Padukone – 

Why We Love Deepika Padukone

For her Talent :

Whether its her dance moves, emotional scene or her fashion sense, Deepika knows the best. We like her fashion sense and how well she experiments with it. From her hairstyles to her makeup looks. These glam avatars are so wearable and yet so unique. The same applies to the work she does and the roles she takes. Each role is so distinctive and impeccable. Kudos to her strong performances in movies like Ramleela, Chennai Express, Love Aaj Kal she has presented Indian women is a never seen before avatar.

For her Sweet Killer Looks :

From her fearless attitude to her beauty. Those who admire her can stop noticing and enunciating about her natural beauty, innocent looking eyes and lovable smile. She looks astonishingly beautiful and sexy in a sari. No hard work, no special efforts and no surgeries to look pretty :-) . That smiling eyes …. omgsh , they can completely erase all your memories within a second !

deepika in ramleela

For her Dedication & Fitness :

There was a time when Deepika was written off, in fact many times. But her confidence to bounce back as any times all thanks to her professionalism, discipline, dedication and love for the acting art. This lady is also dedicated to many charitable organisations and has done stage shows to support various causes.

deepika padukone beauty

Deepika has also written many opinion columns and has been seen giving valuble advice on women’s health and fitness magazines. In 2009, she was hired by Hindustan Times to write weekly columns for their lifestyle section; through these columns she interacted with her fans and passed details of her personal and professional life.
She stands for what she believes is right. No fear of media ! Hats off to her confidence !

For her Roles :

Her selection of roles is over and above great. From the very first Om Shanti Om to Ramleela. In this hard to survive industry she has always selected quality lead roles that depict strong and powerful woman. 

deepika padukone in saree

For her Courage :

How many Celebrities you know can go out and talk about depression. Stars and specially super stars like Deepika have the gargantuan burden to present a perfect public image. But we once again salute this tough courageous lady for talking about such a sensitive topic. Not only we love her more for this crucial step(which will surely save many souls) , we will forever respect this decision of hers. :-)


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