Time for Shah Rukh Khan and Zayn Malik to rejoice ! On 18th April SRK posted on twitter a cool selfie with the ex One Direction fame star Zayn Malik. This post is now among India’s most Retweeted tweet. Believe us by seeing the picture below,  it has total 170,000 plus favorites and 120,000 plus retweets.

SRK has over 12.7 million twitter followers while Zayn Malik has over 14.7 million twitter friends. But this particular tweet that we are talking about, has broken all social media records in India ! 

Now whenever I visit twitter, I follow a rule of checking twitter selfies and I’m amused that this particular tweet is still very happening ! And Hello …. why not ? how adorable this selfie is.  I tell myself every-time that I can find something more phenomenally famous on twitter than this but right now I just CAN’T ;-) 

I hope you liked our mini report and I assure you something exciting & HUGE is coming soon on our blog.
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Image Courtesy : Twitter and Tumblr.com

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