Gabbar Is Back Review

Reviewer :  Mandakini Vedula

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Suman Talwar,
Jaideep Ahlawat, Sunil Grover, Ishita Vyas, Kareena Kapoor Khan


Review –

Gabbar is back and it’s really no big deal. Bollywood has seen so many characters with different names that fight for the same old reason as Gabbar does in the movie – Corruption, looks like the industry has no more original and unique ideas left. Either they copy a great movie and make it a trash or they twist a single story in various ways. Whatsoever, if the movie has a good star cast it will make some impression in the box office.

One may say Khiladi is trying to work in a series of movies targeted on eradicating corruption from the society with Special 26, Holiday, Baby and now Gabbar is back. But did the actor nail it this time? There were surely certain whistle-worthy dialogues by Rajat Arora that public loved, especially when Gabbar says, “Naam se villain, kaam se hero”, or “Rishvat nariyal ki tarah hota hai. Kuch bhi karne ke pehle dono ko chadhana padta hai”, or “System bachchon ke diaper jaisa hota hai, kahi se geela aur kahi se dheela.”

Gabbar is back is a remake of the Tamil movie, Ramanna, which was a super hit back in its days and was also remade in Telugu as Tagore and then in Kannada as Vishnu Seva. The Bollywood counterpart also aimed at same over-the-top action from the very first sequence where multiple kidnaps take place leaving Maharashtra disturbed. The protagonist Aditya/ Gabbar is behind the corrupt individuals in every department of the state and kills one from a group of ten. He is on a mission to uproot corruption and infuse a sense of responsibility and purpose amongst the youth. The movie also represents government officials as laid back people who are worth nothing and are busy eating samosas with red chutney, whereas medical organisations are so terrible that they could extract money over a dead body.

Director Krish has made sure Akshay Kumar is present in every single frame of the movie and made it a one-man show. Akshay who played the role of Aditya is supposedly a Professor but we never find him teaching, except for one scene. One good thing that the director did was unlike southern movies, he did not waste much time in the flash-back department and finished it off in just one song (a breather) which has Kareena Kapoor Khan in a cameo. The movie also casts Shruti Hassan who is an assistant to a lawyer but she is never near the court or doing something which relates to law. On the other hand, Sunil Grover who plays the role of an ambitious constable gives his best shot by almost uncovering the mask of Gabbar. The other significant roles were played by Jaideep Ahlawat as a CBI officer and Suman Talwar as a real estate tycoon. Unfortunately, neither of them leaves any kind of impression on the audience.

Coming to the music front, the only saving track for the movie is ‘Teri meri kahaani’; otherwise there are no songs that one would like to remember. However, some might like the item number ‘Aao Raja’ for its presentation and Chitrangda Singh’s sexy moves.

Overall, Gabbar is back is an average entertainer with witty dialogues, decent screenplay and not-so-great action scenes. One who has watched the Tamil movie or its Telugu remake can surely miss this one. It is nowhere near to Vijaykanth (in Tamil) or Chiranjeevi’s (in Telugu) performances and is strictly meant for die-hard Akshay Kumar fans.

                                                             BnB Rating3           

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