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Today welcome to another post in the series of #SubscribeToSmooth. I took this challenge specially for me and my readers. According to the challenge I’ve only used Gillette Venus and nothing else on my skin.

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Gillette Venus Review

Hair Shaving – Boon for men & taboo for women. And if you ask me, I would say come on, it’s 21st century! Hair Shaving is normal. Infact I feel it has more pros. than cons.

 Fact or Myth – Shaving affects skin growth & texture ? 

 The methods of hair removal in use are waxing, laser, hair removal creams. Waxing being the most famous & convenient option but the most painful too. Often waxing leads to skin allergies & reactions and skin turning flaky due to loss of moisture. Laser is meant mostly for those in the film industry to look prim and proper all the time; and the ones who earn a lot to shell the price. Hair removal – cheap & easy but again they cost us our skin. Most hair removal creams are also known for their burning sensations & itchy rashes. And then you need to have a good cream applying brush to evenly distribute the cream.

Confused? Let’s compare :

I personally had a similar experience as well. Using a hair removal cream, turned my skin dark & stinky. Thanks to the unwanted sandal fragrance which didn’t smell like sandal at all. A day later I observed that I had a lot of tiny itchy bumps over my skin. I had to resort to medication to have my skin back. Hair removal creams are a total no-no for women with sensitive skin.

Gillette Venus

 Shaving on the other hand – is convenient, cheap & easy too. We can get razors as per our comfort and shaving creams are nothing but soap. Shaving helps us maintain our skin as it was without altering hair texture, color or growth. No itchiness or allergy comes in picture. And the shaving creams aid in keeping the skin’s moisture in place leaving the skin shiny & smooth after a shave. Sounds healthy isn’t it?

 Indeed true, but what about cuts & razor nicks?

 Gillette Venus razor is designed to provide a comfortable shave along with reduced nicks & cuts. Thus rest assured that with a little bit of practice you should be able to maneuver the razor well.

Ok, let’s try it out!

With my Gillette Venus in hand, I finally got down to the challenge to prove shaving is better than all other mediums present. I was surprised the way the razor glided smoothly through my skin. With the moisture almost intact I was happy to try the shaving method. After a few days when my hair grew back, it looked just the same as before. No change in smoothness or texture in any way.

 Myth Busted

Shaving by Gillette Venus does not change hair texture or thickness neither does it hamper hair growth. Infact it nourishes & replenishes our skin to go out and enjoy the sun.

 Now that the myth is busted, what’s your take? Share your comments below. :-)


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