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Till a few days ago, I visited the parlour every alternate month – for sessions of waxing of course. But now, no more painful sessions. Because I #SubscribeToSmooth every day. Guess how?


 My dear BFF ( google ) introduced to the Gillette Venus razor for women. Initially I had doubts. Is it worth it? Will it affect my hair growth or texture or change hair color? And most importantly will it damage my skin?

But after I took the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge I realized how wrong I was. Each week my old beliefs and many myths that I heard about got busted. Do read our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 articles were you can find complete information about my hair removal, skincare and hair growth using this product.

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Also with a quick demo my friend (who is a Gillette Venus Shaving Gel Fan ) put an end to all my endless questions. Gillette Shaving Gel is a combination of oils & soap which cause no harm to the skin. I was impressed and that’s when she asked me to get a Venus Razor and Gel for myself and #SubscribeToSmooth any day everyday!

 The unique design and style of the women’s range also known as Gillette Venus ensures that while shaving you avoid bruises, cuts or razor nicks. You can shave at your convenience at your home or any place thanks to easy portability. Skin damage is down to zero and it saves time too.


5 things I learnt about shaving – a quick guide for newbie’s:

 1. Idealize your shave – Plan your routine and then proceed instead of haphazardly shaving.

 2. Keep stuff handy – Keep tissues, spare cloth, water within a hand’s reach. As soon as you notice your shaving cream reduce below 20%, restock your resources. This way you will never run out of stock.

 3. Stick to the specifics – Avoid using men’s razors as they are more sharp. Women’s razors are designed & crafted for a comfortable shave and soft skin considering the gender’s supple skin.

 4. Cleanliness – Clean your equipment well after every shave.

 5. Chillax – The world won’t tear apart if a shave goes wrong or if you are a first timer. Do patch tests or mini shaves before you go for the big ones.

 I love my skin more than ever now – Shiny, Smooth and Awesome. I am converted consumer now – A dedicated Shaving Consumer.
What about you? Share your comments. :-) 

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