Fashion is infinitely a part of our daily lifestyle as we are influenced by the changing trends set by the industry as we often see among celebrities. Around the world, new fashion trends arise and we are predisposed to go with the flow.

A few cities are markedly important when it comes to fashion but the Big Four rule them all – London, Paris, New York, and Milan. In Italy, Milan is the capital of fashion where you can find the biggest names in the fashion industry at present. It was ranked as the top fashion capital of the world in 2009.

After WWII, modern Italian fashion came to global distinction through the reconstruction of the textile industry and the upsurge of ready-to-wear clothing production. With the history-making fashion soiree organized in Florence in 1951, it paved the way to putting Italy back in the fashion scene. Couture houses that used to be shown in Florence exhibited in Rome. Extraordinary creations representing the sweet and high life was borne which eventually led to the fashion scene extending into the south as far as Sicily itself.

In Sicily for example, fashion has always been a part of its culture and history. People have always been expected to dress well and give a good impression, as like in the rest of the country. Sicilians take pains to dress fittingly for special occasions but during summer, it’s more about casual and comfort. Although, when they go for early evening walks before dinner, they wear their best clothes because people are out and about, and they should be in their best.

Even in summer during beach season, Italians would gladly strut their stuff and will wear swimwear that accentuates their bodies. No matter what age, Sicilians on the beach exude self-confidence in what they wear and how their bodies are. It is not surprising then that a well-known fashion name, Dolce and Gabbana, comes from this place and it is known that they occasionally spend summer holidays in Sicily. So if you like fashion and summer, visiting Sicily is a must. Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful island? Find a villa pool in Sicily online and have a vacation like D&G! Don’t forget to bring your beach wear and be lost in the throng of sun-kissed beach lovers.

At present, not every Italian wears the latest designer trends. Most have their own sense of style without following the trends set by
famous names in the industry. As a matter of fact, Italians like clothes that accentuate their bodies and help them look even better. While the north go for more comfortable styles and the south prefer richness and sensuality, Italians, in general, like to give an aura of “la bella figura.” Form-fitting clothes that are comfortable but fashionable are often seen being worn around.

Men wear suits that are well-tailored with colors and patterns that are more adventurous. There is an amazing of blend classic pieces with more modernized and adventurous items. Perhaps, it’s because Italians have confidence in the way they look and dress.




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