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Recently I was asked ‘How to Hide Wrinkles with Makeup?’ and I thought instead of doing a video, let’s do a post.

Masking wrinkles can be a laborious thing to do. Adding some extra steps and in your makeup routine can make your skin look fresh, vibrant, and healthy. But with tons of products in the market, it can be so difficult to decide which products will work for you. Here, we bring you some essential makeup products that will help you to instantly look younger without much efforts.

how to hide wrinkles


A good hydrating moisturizer or serum that has retinol should be can easily make look fresh and young. Apply a tiny amount of moisturizer and allow it to penetrate into your skin before applying makeup.


It is also wise to start with a good primer that fills in pores and blurs wrinkles. If you have any discoloration do for complexion correcting primer. A primer also makes your makeup last longer while giving you a smooth canvas to work upon.


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Go for concealers that matches your skin tone perfectly. Orange correctors help to cover intense dark circles, while highlighting concealers cancel dullness. A good concealer can not only hide your skin problems but can also make you look younger. Also I would advise to use a lightweight concealer with buildable texture that provides a semi-matte finish. Such concealers work well on the areas that need extra help to cover-up.


NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer

Heavy foundations can make you look old. Go for lightweight base that is a shade of two darker than your skin-tone. Keep two shades for countering, the key to great makeup. Also, use thin water based formula, which is great for covering discoloration and evening out skin complexion without looking ‘made up.’

Clinique Super Balanced Foundation


A lengthening and volumising mascara instantly makes your eyes look awake thereby giving you youthful look. Heavy eyeliners should be avoided as they tend to add years to your age. A thick line on lower lash line is a BIG no-no. Instead curl up your lashes and apply two thick coats of your favorite mascara.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review


Avoid dark lipcolors and go for a neutral color lip-gloss that makes your lips appear fuller. Dark colors can make your lips appear matured while a nice neutral lip-gloss that matches natural lipcolor can add youthful plumpness.



An overly made-up face can unnecessarily add years to your face. Using right makeup products and techniques can really help you to achieve flawless look. Please share with us your favorite tips and tricks to looks young. :-)

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