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Last 2 months I have been actively trying to sort out my facial skin after my summer holidays as my facial skin got horribly tanned. My only hope was some kind of mystical enchanted spell to get rid of all my skin dullness and tan.

To say that I hopelessly wanted my original skin back will be such an understatement. I did switch to my old skincare routine with all the high end products but there was absolutely no difference. My skin looked lifeless with zero radiance!

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We all know healthy, radiant skin is the result of a proper skincare routine, and that includes products that work effectively. I was totally dejected with my skincare routine, during this time my sister came as a savior! She is an anti-beauty person, and it’s quite rare when she talks about any beauty product, so the conversation we had was a pleasant surprise. She told me how Oxylife bleach completely change the way her skin looks and how she can’t think to live without it. I maintained my strong views and told her that no bleach could win me over. 

Those who follow me on Instagram and Twitter know how much I travel and 2015 was no exception. In February I hastily started my research before an important trip, I wanted a product that could instantly remove my skin dullness caused due to frenetic schedules. During that time I visited a leading beauty salon to get some help for my skin. The Salon Expert suggested me to use Oxylife Bleach which they often incorporate in their brightening facial treatments.

oxylife bleach

The more I researched about this product, the more I was convinced that my sister who praised this product was correct and so I decided to give it try.

When I first tried Oxylife Bleach I notice how easily it removed all of my adamant holiday TAN without irritating my skin. I had tried hell lot of products to get my old complexion and radiance back but none of them worked so magnificently.  Oxylife Bleach really did what it claimed, it gave my skin a healthy boost of radiance and made my complexion more even.

There was absolutely NO stinging or skin irritation while the bleach was on my face. The mild floral fragrance was enough to make the whole bleach experience more pleasant.  Also after using Oxylife bleach my facial hair was hardly visible, which is incredibly awesome for me since I completely hate threading my face.

Before & After Pictures :

( Please Note: I’ve light makeup on in both pictures but you can clearly see my tanned and bleached face.)

My picture after severe holiday tan :

before oxy bleach

My Face after using Oxy Bleach glow :

skincare talk


I used it again after a gap of 15 days before my friend’s wedding and this time I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It gave dimension to my skin and made me look well rested, radiant and refreshed…like I got a facial at a spa. That day I received so many compliments.

I’m glad that my holiday tan is now completely gone, my skin is much brighter than before and my dark spots are reduced remarkably. Never thought that my bleach experience would be so comfortable and amazing! I’ve also tried Oxylife bleach on my arms and legs and was delighted with the result it gave.

Oxylife Crème Bleach is great for skin brightening and tan removal. It also reduces acne marks, dark spots and makes my complexion healthy. In short, it makes my skin look bright & glowy!


Oxylife bleach is known for its unique formula, that allows oxygen to penetrate into your skin and boosts your natural radiance.


  1. Contains active oxygen which gives instant radiance
  2. Removes tan and lightens blemishes
  3. Reduces dark spots and acne mark
  4. Suitable for oily as well as dry skin type
  5. Improves your complexion
  6. Affordable

How To Use:

  1. Cleanse your face and pat dry
  2. Mix the bleach cream and the activator with spatula.
  3. Apply it uniformly on the area to be bleached.
  4. Follow the instructions and allow the bleach to stay for 10 to 15 minutes. (go as per recommended time for your skin type)
  5. Wash it off with normal water.

Price : INR 79 for 27 gms



Oxylife bleach is working wonders on my skin, it gave me a healthy glow and removed all my tan. It is one of those product that I look forward to using for years to come :-) 

#SayYesToOxygen with Oxylife Bleach :-)

Have you used this product? Share your experience below in the comment box.



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