Summer in Paris. Should I say more?

It’s quite overwhelming just how many monuments, places and restaurants Paris has. The beauty of Paris is best explored by taking it slow with some impulse plans. :-)

It can be too exhausting if you’ve planned a short trip and want to explore every single corner in Paris. A well planned schedule helps but for us exploring places depending on how we felt on that day worked well. Travel plus good food is truly a winning combination and when in Paris one must try French cuisine.


(View from Eiffel Tower)

NO Paris trip is completed without visiting the majestic 301m tall Eiffel Tower. This iron lattice tower is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. Saving your time by buying tickets online is one advice I give to everyone. Pre-booking the Tickets online really helped us to avoid hour long queue.

eiffel tower trip eiffel tower eiffel tower trip4 eiffel tower trip eiffel tower trip

Our experience on Eiffel Tower was quite amazing. Before we went to visit the tower we took a boat ride from were we got a astonishing view of the tower. 

eiffel tower trip eiffel tower


The newly opened first floor which is also called transparent floor gives the most spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower from below and is considered as one of the attractive places in Paris. To get to the top we took a lift from the second floor. 

DSC05363 eiffel tower trip Eiffel Tower eiffel tower trip

Experiencing the Eiffel Tower won’t feel completed till you reach at the Top most level. The view from top is beyong spectacular. From the very moment you reach to the place, you feel as if you’ve embarked on a beautiful imaginative journey.

eiffel tower trip IMG_0241

The most memorable part was when we went back again at midnight and watched it sparkling. It looked like stars descending from sky caught in some rangy castle. Looking at these pictures makes me realize how badly I want to visit this place again. :-)

eiffel tower at night


Have you been to Paris? Are you planning to visit and want any advice from me?
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