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My today’s chat is with all you beginner beauty bloggers out there who are looking to get right on the top

In the age of social media we want everything fast – fame, name & money…. And in such an intensified race what we often forget is exploring our own talents or our own self and working hard on it. Instead some of us just blindly follow what is in trend.

Nowadays we find so many new beauty bloggers coming up which is fascinating.  Many of them get frustrated within a year or two when they find out that – they aren’t earning much from their blog OR money spent is more than money earned.


After spending few years in this world and knowing some successful blogger friends, I think I’m in a good position to offer some tips to new bloggers.

Are You Passionate About it?

First ask yourself some basic questions like – Are you doing this because it is in trend? Or you’ve seen someone doing it and you liked it? Or you’re an expert who is looking to spread knowledge?

Asking yourself some questions before starting or continuing beauty blogging is important. Most of the successful beauty bloggers know what they’re doing and are incredibly passionate about it because that it want they want to do. They don’t mind not earning profits from their blogs.

So all those who are here for money, free goodies and fame will be disappointed! Only those who’re passionate about blogging will last.

Are You Copying Ideas?

Your blog should be a reflection of your personality and not just a copy of another blog. Copying ideas and concepts from successful bloggers or other blogs will backfire. Stealing ideas and content will take you nowhere and will eventually lead into a long frustrating experience.

Successful bloggers have unique things to offer to their (real) audience and that’s why they never feel the need to copy. The fact that when you do something you love you’re never bored. So if blogging is NOT what you wanted to do… find something that you really love

No one is you … and that is your real power. Be unique & don’t copy! Remember that :-)

Have Your Explored your Talent?

Don’t do the blunder of leaving your full-time job, because like I said before blogging is not about earning money. You will regret this decision forever. If you enjoy writing & makeup you can write as a part time hobby.

Each person is unique and each person is gifted with a talent which he or she needs to explore. New bloggers must understand some of these facts. Some good beauty bloggers have worked hard for years only because they’re passionate about it.

This days you can find so much advice and opinions for anything and everything. We all need guidance and without it sometimes we feel lost. So I thought I should share some common mistakes most beginners do.

Please feel free to share your stories, advice and thoughts :-)

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