After I uploaded my new video the one question that I’ve been frequently answering is the secret behind my long glossy locks . If you watch my new video you’ll notice my hair thicker and glossier than before. So I thought it was time to share my secret by doing a separate post.

In the video I’m wearing IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions in the shade chocolate brown. Have a look at my pictures below …

Hair Extensions

Now, since I get asked about my current glossy hair texture, I wanted to answer your questions regarding my hair. I’ve pretty long hair with extremely dry texture, recent hairfall made matters worse. Some products are helping me to get back my volume but there are some special days when I want instant makeovers for my hair. Good quality hair extensions like IrresistibleMe can really make a drastic change in your looks. Whenever I wear them I get so many compliments and have to tell them that my secret behind gorgeous looking locks is IrresistibleMe hair extensions.

Long Hair

These days styling your hair has become a everyday chore for working women. But heat styling it daily can make your beautiful tresses look over processed. For working women hair extensions is a savior as you they take very less time to clip in and don’t damage your hair. If you are not aware about how to use hair extensions, we’ve provided some essential tips and tricks below….

How to Use? / How I wear Irresistible Hair Extensions?

  • I start by teasing my hair above the area where I’m going to clip in the extensions. ( It helps me to get some volume)
  • You can also cut your extensions to suit your haircut or style.
  • I start by sectioning my hair in front You can also start by sectioning bottom hair and clipping up the rest of your hair.
  • I advise opening the clips first.
  • Once you put on the extension securely snap close the clips and smooth out the hair.
  • If necessary use wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

When it comes to hair extensions I trust only IrresistibleMe since not only they offer good quality products they also provide amazing service. You can see from their website, the variety and colors of hair extensions available is incredible.

If long hair is what haunting your dreams ….than you should really try these hair extensions. IrresistibleMe extensions is an investment and is totally worth every penny!  :-)

So if you want long and thick hair instantly all you’ve to do is visit here.

:-* Love

New Video in which I’m wearing IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions : 

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