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I am a total foodie especially when it comes to pizzas :p We have a popular mall here- Inorbit in Vashi, Navi Mumbai which I frequently visit; and always end up gulping down at Pizza Hut.

We had saw this new restaurant on the top floor of the mall which looked really classy. I could see people eating some incredibly huge burgers and tasty looking pizzas baked on wooden pans from the glass walls and couldn’t resist myself from trying their food.

Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

A BRIEF BACKGROUND ABOUT THE RESTAURANT: The British Brewing Company is said to have been formed in London. It produced beer for the citizens of London and soon developed a reputation for its quality. The founder of BBC, then decided to open the doors of their brewery’s in-house restaurant and café to Londoners, to let them sample their great beer with freshly made food and of course the legendary British Hospitality.

Now getting back to the review-

Ambiance / Setup :

Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

I finally visited the restaurant with few friends. We were welcomed by the guy standing at the door who headed us towards the wooden dining. The entire setup is such a spark! The restaurant should remind you of the popular sitcoms- ‘That 70s Show’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or “F.R.I.E.N.D.S’!!!  You would actually get a feeling of being in old London with all the funky news frames, rock band posters and old beer bottles kept on the top of every wall. One should actually get lost in the atmosphere created wherein the soft rock music is such a cherry on the cake!


Bristish Brewing Company (BBC) Restaurant Review Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

After you are settled, the waiter would give you an Apple iTab :-O with the menu in it; and they actually have the tab menus for every table! The menu is not really long like the usual Indian restaurants; they have selective items for every column and trust me, you will be thrilled at the menu with all sorts of new looking/sounding items (other than pizzas or burgers). Even if you have tasted them before somewhere else, I bet these would taste different and tastier than the ones you had before! We had ordered a ‘Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza’ and ‘Cranberry Mist’ (in the pictures). The pizza was served along with olive oil-Garlic mixture. The crust too was really thin and crunchy unlike the pizza hut pizzas. Even if the crust was thin, the toppings were added in abundance and the olive oil-garlic mixture on it made it taste totally different and amazing. The smoked and baked pizza on wooden pan was the best pizza I ever had! They taste totally different than the regular bread crust pizzas and are totally fulfilling. Now coming to the cranberry mist, it was divine! Perfectly sweet and a nice treat for my taste buds.

Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

They have a range of items and you should probably try out the sizzlers, burgers, smoothies, moctails, skewers, kebabs etc. they have a really long list of drinks (vodka, beer etc) as that is what they primarily served. They also have a lot of offers every day and you should definitely go have a visit.


The staff was very welcoming and friendly. If you don’t know what the item tastes like, you could definitely ask the waiters or managers before ordering and they should explain everything perfectly!

Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review Bristish Brewing Company Restaurant Review

Unfortunately they don’t have home delivery services, so you will have to visit the restaurant if you want to taste their food- after all, the place is worth visiting.


  • Restaurant name: British Brewing Company (BBC)
  • Location: Vashi, Inorbit Mall and Thane ( Viviana Mall)
  • Food: Too good and totally different with a smoked hint (rating 4/5, would not give full rating as I haven’t yet tried all the items, but for the ones I had they definitely deserve a full rating J )
  • Staff: Very friendly and helpful. (5/5)
  • Services: up to the mark (rating 4.9/5, -0.1 for no home delivery)
  • Cost For two : 1500




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