Top 10 tips and tricks to grow hair long quickly

( ~ Author – Dr. Shruti Patil ) 

Do you want to look beautiful? Make your hair longer, shiny and brilliant and don’t do things that may damage it. Your hair is most probably the first thing that people may notice. Growing long and beautiful hair is a process that does not take place randomly. If you want a long and beautiful hair, you need to plan things ahead. The faster your mane grows, the less exposed it is to sun, blow-drying, coloring and many other factors.

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Here are some tips that can be useful for you to grow a long and beautiful hair:

  • Get plenty rest:

Everything in our body is connected to each other. Proper rest at night helps your body to recover and promotes vitality within the core system that includes digestion and blood circulation. You should have sufficient rest so that your body can function effectively.

  • Have balanced and natural diet:

We all should eat better food any day. By focusing on your health goal, controlling on your cravings for unhealthy food becomes easy and you have more healthy diet. Don’t have junk processed food and include plenty low fat diet that consists of more vegetables and fruits in your diet. What you eat determines what your body uses for building tresses. Give your body what it needs. Fresh vegetables provide vitamins and minerals that are important for growing beautiful tresses faster. Have lean proteins like fish for ensuring that your body gets sufficient protein needed by your body.


  • Don’t take too much stress:

Take deep breaths and relax for some time. Stress has negative effects on body of people. The best way to lower stress is to exercise. Regular exercise is the best way to lower stress and it boosts the respiratory and circulatory system of the body at the same time. It delivers nutrients to your scalp where the locks grow. Yoga is the best thing one can do to release stress. Get a weekly hair massage to lower stress and stimulate growth of locks.

  • Be gentle while combing your hair:

Gentleness is the key to long and healthy mane. If you brush your hair when it is wet, you may lose hair upto 100 times more. Use of sharp-toothed brush leaves your scalp red and sore. Use of fine bristled combs is recommended to people. Pat your hair before brushing so that it becomes easier for you.

Editor Shreya's Long Hair

Editor Shreya’s Long Hair


  • Choose gentle shampoos and conditioners:

A gentle shampoo and conditioner can help you to get long mane in a very less time. Before taking any shampoo or conditioner, check its ingredients. Go for the products that are gentle and cause no tears.

  • Styling your hair:

Dont use any electric hair appliances that may burn your scalp and leave your hair strands alone. Electric curling irons and straightening iron makes our hair beautiful temporarily and causes lots of damage in the long run.

  • Massage your hair:

A deep and relaxing message enhances blood circulation and promotes hair growth. A good massage helps you to have long healthy hair.


  • Find natural ways of growing hair:

Avoid having hair-growing pills to get a long hair. Try quick and natural remedies like having sufficient sleep to get a long hair.

  • Don’t wash your hair too often:

Don’t use hair products that are harsh for your scalps too often. If you wash your hair regularly, it would lose its shine and gentleness.

  • Check your health:

Extreme dryness may lead to hair fall and it is due to certain medical conditions like thyroid. Seek help of a medical practitioner to find help.


Editor Shreya Says ” I know hair can’t grow overnight but these tips given by Dr. Shruti will really help to improve your hair and skin health. Typically your hair grows quarter an inch a month and you can speed up that process by improving your diet and lifestyle. Due to my busy schedule I keep my hair-care routine simple ( massaging hair oil twice a week and hair spa once a month) but I give special attention to my diet which makes a huge difference.”

Secret Tip : Use cold-water rinse at the end of each shower ;-)


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