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Skincare is something I get asked about a lot (specially when I upload a close-up picture of mine) by my friends, colleagues and family. You’ll agree with me with the fact that we have a deep emotional connection to our skin; skin problems can have such a big impact on our attitude and outlook. For me a healthy looking skin makes everything else seem rosy and happy :-) 

But winter makes things difficult for our skin. Skin can get really affected by cold winds and dry indoor heat that’s why you need to update your skincare routine with products that focus on hydrating, smoothing and brightening. Choosing right products is fundamental part of the ‘good-looking’ skin process!

Here in this video I’ll show you my latest skincare routine (some essential products) that really helped me to transform my skin and gave me that magical glow… Because there’s no better time to try something new than a new year.

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Would you like to rush out to buy any of my picks ? Or have you just spotted something else to add to your skincare routine?
Also Please share your favorite winter products and skincare tips below :-)

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