Maybelline Superfresh Compact in Pearl

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  • Product Name- Maybelline White Superfresh 12 hour Whitening+ Perfecting Compact
  • Shade- Pearl
  • Price- INR 150
  • Quantity- 8 grams
  • Shades Available- Pearl (light-medium), Shell (medium), Coral (medium-dark)

Maybelline Superfresh Compact Review


My Experience

So while watching Shreya mam’s videos on youtube i came across a cutesie ad (yes, I hate advertisements, they irritate me like nothing else; but there was something in this ad that made me concentrate) and it was of the latest launch from Maybelline, the Super Fresh Compact powder! By what I understand, the Superfresh powder foundations have been already launched overseas but this is a brand new launch here in India! And being a fan of compact powders and a stringent believer in Maybelline and its power of makeup i had to pick it up at the very first look! Now lets dig into the details!

Maybelline Superfresh Compact Review

Packaging– This is perhaps the most chic aspect of the product! So let me check my excitement and get to some serious work! The outer casing of the product is a white coloured squarish kind of box which is made of cardboard and has blue coloured font over it! The front has the name and yeah, just the whole name (which is quite long, to be honest) on it and looks quite sophisticated! The back however, has all the details, prices, claims and all that shizz written on it! Now the product in itself is really as cute as any compact could be! First of all it is all white, with very sleek blue font on it which reads Maybelline! Apart from that the manufacturing as well ad the expiry dates are very clearly written on the backside which is remarkable! Now the round white product casing is made of good quality plastic, which is quite sturdy and would not budge! On opening the flap, which mind you, shuts down with a reliable click sound, the product lies there, shielded with a sponge and a thin plasticky film atop it! On the upper side of the flap is a wide mirror which is sure to help you out during quick touchups! This sponge too is of quite good quality for the price that it is offered at! So summing up my detailed packaging prospects, all in all it is quite sturdy and classy and cute and all things good for the low price tag that it comes at! 



Shade– although the powder comes in three shades namely pearl, shell and coral; i got the shade pearl (which was meant for light-medium skin tones). The shade shell which is meant for medium skin tone has heavy yellow undertones and will suit indian beauties very aptly! I could not sneak a loon upon the shade coral as it was out of stock but from what i learn, it is meant for darker complexions, say between NC42! However I got the shade pearl as I wanted something more of a pink tone (for the simple reason that I have dozens of yellow toned powders in my stash)! 

Maybelline Superfresh Compact Review Maybelline Superfresh Compact Review

Texture– Maybelline and its range of compact powders has never failed to impress me in terms of its texture and quality! Coming at a price tag of just 150 bucks, I was not expecting much in terms of quality from this particular range of compact powders! But man oh man, was I taken for a surprise! The powder is so so so finely milled that blending it in is a bliss! It feels so soft to touch, plus the fragrance! Oh, don’t even get me started on it! The fragrance is so fresh, floraly-fruity kind of scent that does linger for about half an hour or so! And it feels soooo good to have it on! I am totally in love with this extremely soft powder! And the sponge provided also makes using this fine-milled powder a cakewalk! 

Pigmentation and coverage- I cannot say that the powder is very highly pigmented but its pigmentation is decent enough to give a light coverage! I will take the step forward and call the powder’s coverage to be build able but do not venture to apply more than two layers as it can look patchy! For dry skinned girls, a good moisturiser is a must as along with light coverage it mattifies the skin so well that it may cling on to dry patches! But for oily skin beauties this is not a magically product! It will look cakey or chalky,  if you apply two layers you may see the whitish cast on the skin.

Staying power- Maybelline claims this powder to give “white” freshness, and I do not know why companies do this! What has whiteness to do with freshness or even beauty? The very idea of beauty is to accept yourself and feel confident about it! Anyway, the freshness claims are quite true foe this powder! No it does not lat for 12 hours but can easily take you through 4 hours without any touch-ups! Doesn’t control oil, we tested it again in monsoon. :-(

Pros :-) 

  • -extremely cute packaging
  • -sturdy compact
  • -very finely milled powder
  • -smooth texture
  • -does not feel chalky
  • -very affordable
  • -comes with a good quality sponge and wide mirror

Cons :-(

  • -limited shades available
  • -does not cover up any blemishes or dark circles
  • 12hr claim is too much 
  • No coverage
  • Hardly controls oil
  • Caused Breakout on my skin


Final verdict- It may work for some but honestly it didn’t work for me. It is affordable but I’m not impressed with the results.

 BnB Rating : 3/5


Have you tried this product ? What do you think about it ?

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