It happens to everyone – something cracks, breaks, or simply doesn’t fit as it should, and you are late for the party. Or the meeting. Or the date.  So here are seven fixes that you can do when the tailor isn’t an option:

  1. O.S – Zipper

What do you do when you’ve eaten too much, and the skirt’s zipper has kind of cracked? You sew a new one.

Firstly, you will open the zipper and put it on the skirt’s fabric, on the right side. With a normal sewing foot, you will put the zipper teeth to the side and start stitching. The foot is very helpful since it will better hold the teeth down.

Now, to get the zipper to meet the waistband, you will simply zip up and start pinning. After that, you will just zip down and start stitching. After that, you must sew that seam under your zipper.

When you’ve finished that you can begin sewing the rest of the seam in the lining as well, and finish with a bit of ironing.


  1. The Almost Perfect Shirt

You’re planning on wearing your recently bought shirt, but you realize that everything is not so perfect. That does have a fix, and you only need a sewing machine. If the shirt presents some problems at the hips, or at the sleeves, you can use the pinch and pin method. You start pinching the fabric at the sleeves until it’s tight enough at the arms, but not too tight so that you can’t move properly; now pin into the armpits from the cuffs.

After that, you can do the same thing for the torso. For that, you only need to gather the excess found in the back to the side seams and – of course- starting from the armpits, pin it to the waist.

  1. The Straps Are Just Too Large

If you realize that your jumpsuit is a bit too big for you and the straps start slipping off and looking funny around your chest, then the solution is quite simple.

You are to take a scarf of your choosing, and simply tie the two straps in the back together. It fits your perfectly and make you look stylish as well.


  1. The Buttonhole To Your Button

You’ve decided that you need an extra button somewhere. That’s easy. But unfortunately, you’ll need a buttonhole for it as well. Rest assured, though, it is not rocket science.

Firstly, you need to prepare welts. Take a fabric strap that is longer, and fold it on the grain that you wish. After that, press the fold and stitch with the machine through the layers about 1\8 inch starting from the fold. Cut 1/8 inch from the stitch on the edges and simply cut the welts 1 inch longer than the buttonholes. Align the edges of one welt that are raw and repeat with the other. After sewing over the basted lines, you should start and stop at the end of the buttonholes.

Open it and start cutting between the lines of the welt stitching, into the corners. Don’t forget to baste welts to one another, and trim the ends.

  1. Big Waisted Pants

So it happened again – you bought them online, and their waist is simply huge. Belt comes to rescue in this situation. You simply hike the pants up and wrap the waist with a big belt, accompanied by a small pair of clogs. Your legs will look much longer, and you will be saving a lot of money by not going to the tailor.

  1. Big Girl, Too Big Shorts

Our friends and family don’t always get it right when it comes to sizes, so if it happens that they have given you a pair of bottoms that are perfect but not wearable since they are too large, here’s an option.

Try and tuck in there a top that is slightly thicker.

  1. The Jeans Are Too Long

If you are not a particularly tall person, you might encounter this problem often. Rolling the bottom of your sleeves isn’t an option, and you don’t want to cut them either. The only option left is to cuff them once over until you reach the length that you wished.

You don’t have to run to the tailor every time you have a problem. With a bit of creativity and the right styling, you can turn almost any ill-fitting attire into a flattering piece.




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