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Round faces have gotten a bad reputation over the last decade or so. It seems nobody wants to look like they have one and most women are obsessing over the fact that they have one. There’s really nothing wrong with rocking a round face beautiful women like Adele, Christina Ricci and Ginnifer Goodwin are all known for their stunning face which are round in shape.

Youre Making Your Face Look Round with the Wrong Sunglasses

While there is nothing wrong with having a round face, if you really don’t like this look, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to create the illusion of a narrower frame. Bold makeup on the eyes and the right contouring techniques, a side swept fringe and hair with volume are all things that will help you remove the attention from the roundness of your face.

One more thing you can do to make your face look less round is by wearing the right frame when it comes to sunglasses. Some people make the mistake of wearing round rims when it comes to their shades because they think it is the shape that matches that of their face; but this will actually make you look much rounder than you are. So which frames should you avoid wearing? Well, the following is a list of women’s sunglasses you should avoid and others you should wear to give your face a more proportioned look.

Youre Making Your Face Look Round with the Wrong Sunglasses2

Horn-rimmed sunglasses

The retro frames seem like they came out of a Sherlock Holmes story. Cool, utterly on trend and seriously stylish, these frames are nevertheless round in shape which will make your face look much rounder than it is. Instead of the horn-rimmed style, go for rectangular retro shades, so you can still rock the retro without looking more rounded.

Round sunglasses

Making a comeback and bringing the laid-back, free spirit style of the sixties, round sunglasses are also making a comeback and bringing major boho vibes to our style. Wearing round sunglasses when you have a round face is asking for attention because you know your round features will be more highlighted with this frame structure. If you want to channel fun loving style but you don’t want more attention drawn to your face, go for super fun heart-shaped frames or rainbow coloured sunglasses.

Over-sized 70s sunglasses

The glittering, bold style of the 70s is coming back with more blouses, pleated pants and with the over-sized 70s sunglasses. Taking half of your face and hiding most of your brows, this style of sunglasses is attention seeking and it will bring more attention to your rounded features due to its rounded lenses and soft edges. If you want something as bold as these frames but you don’t want the wrong kind of attention, then cat eye frames are the perfect way to bring boldness and style to your face. The hard edges and the large frames will take more area from your face and bring attention to your eyes, rather than to the rounded featured of your face, thus helping you solve this issue, once and for all!




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