College! A whole new world which feels like a magic carpet ride. The prime time of experimentation where everybody wants to try everything at least once. Some of the cities in India were we look to for sartorial inspiration are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune. We love everything that is happening in the college fashion world – the bold attitude, the fearless nature, the hippie looks and even the bright neon dresses.

Other than the attitude, this year college students seem to be more active on fashion apps and online communities. The atmosphere in campus is extremely vibrant as students have unlimited supply of friends, they are free spirited, optimistic and ready to take on the world. Students these days put lot of efforts to look their best. With collegians having an excess of disposable income, the number one commodity they spend on are clothes, accessories and make up other than mobile phones and eating out.

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The current fashion trends that young women seems to mix and rock are – frill skirts, layered dresses, oversized sunglasses, combat boots, pointed pumps, etc. Most of the 2016 trends are similar to 2015 Spring and Summer Fashion trends. You can read more about last year trends here 

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

Revolving around them is the booming fashion industry in India. Some of the brands like Levi’s, Forever21 started the western outfit trends here in India. Today fashion brands have multiplied. Fashion loosely means the ability to modify clothes in such a way, that they look amazing and fit even better.

Now men think fashion is only for women. Women have at least 2 dozen varieties of clothes to wear. Men even till date only have clothes similar to a shirt and a pant. Sob story? Not quite. Men too have a lot of things to wear these days. 2016 is seen to be the year of the Korean Harems. It’s a trouser with a tapered bottom. When worn with a loose shirt, a hip hop cap and some cool white sneakers, the man is bound to look like an A-list celebrity. Lots of men are experimenting with jackets, caps and shoes. The only glitch so as to say is that as a common observation only branded clothes look good on men. Street stuff doesn’t really do. And then they have the suit. Be it any year, the suit is the numerous set of clothes that a man has. Accessories and salon treatment are on a big boost amongst men.

As for women, there is practically no end to the amount of clothes they can have. They can get cheaper options off the streets or something from a high street store. Be it skirts, Capris, hot pants, palazzo pants or traditional wear young crowd seem to have a variety of options. Makeup is another big hit in 2016, as you can see so many girls experimenting with looks these days, all thanks to selfies. The cosmetic industry is growing because of the unbelievably huge demand. Salon appointments are over booked and everybody wants their hair, nails and face look polished and selfie ready. Footwear and accessories also portray an unlimited variety. It’s a big win for good looks.

One visit to any college and you will see collegians stellar display of all new fashion trends. Specially Pune which is said to be the Oxford of the east, you will come across changing fashion trends. One may think that it is limited to non-technical colleges, but some of the best engineering colleges in Pune also have fashion conscious crowd.

2016 has seen a steady rise of fashion. As compared to like a decade back when dressing sense overall was very plain, today’s collegians display a lot of bling and panache.


Which is your current favorite trend ?


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