Zenith Nutritions Colostrum Super 300mg : Review and Ratings 


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There is one food which has been periodically suggested by our mothers when we were growing is – milk. We have learnt over the time how effective it is for our body’s development and sharpness of brain. However, there is another component, very similar to the milk, is the Colostrum for cows which is also known as Bovine colostrum. The term is definitely need to be understood before taking the supplement.

The mammalian mothers produce colostrum milk for a very short duration of time after they have given birth to their off-springs. Now, this ‘first milk’ is only available for a short period after which the mother starts transitioning to regular milk for the child. Hence, ‘first milk’ is basically the ‘pre-milk fluid’, also called the Colostrum Milk. It is extremely nutritious and has powerful ingredients which are extremely beneficial for the body.


Coming to its supplements, Zenith Nutritions Colostrum Super comes in a white medium sized opaque bottle with a screw lid. The bottle is so light weight and fitting for the supplements that it is always convenient enough to travel with. All the necessary details has been penned down and overall, it is a great product. The capsules has a transparent coating from where you can easily spot the peach colored powder packed inside it. These are water soluble and the dosage is said to be 2 capsules, twice daily on an empty stomach. The supplements are Vegetarian Capsules and also free of lactose so even if you are lactose intolerant, you can easily consume didn’t any second thoughts. It is high in protein and anti-bodies without any known side effects.

The colostrum has numerous benefits for the body. It helps us maintain a very strong immune system that protects the body from illness, diseases, infection, disorder, etc. With its dual action in the bloodstream and gastro-intestinal tract, it provides a healthy intestinal lining allowing the digestion of food easily. Not only the protection, has it also helped in curing the chronic conditions such as colitis. We often take various medicinal drugs as pain killers for arthritis but colostrum helps in reducing the level of pain with any long term harm on the body. 

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There are various steroids in the markets often consumed while working out or body building but these components have some serious disadvantages for the body. However, the Colostrum Super helps is improving the physical performance while exercising as it helps in massive promotion of muscle growth. In fact, it is also used in the high-intensity workout levels as well. There are also certain ingredients in Colostrum like Lactalbumins and cytokines (interleukin and interferon) which are important as antivirals and anticancer agents.

Thus, from strengthening the body to providing a surge of immune factor to protect from illness and infections, the colostrum works tenfold better than any milk consumption. The immunoglobulins in colostrum and milk also provide opportunities to connect their immunological purpose for the benefit of human body. It further enriches oxygenation of tissues and encourages white blood cell activity. 



Overall, with its enriching benefits, the Zenith Nutritions Colostrum Super is an excellent supplement that helps the body in augmenting its functions and keeps it healthy. For me daily usage has definitely improved my digestion. I suggest combining Zenith tablets with proper diet and exercise to improve overall health !

Beautyndbest.com Ratings : 9.7/10






Disclaimer : This is our experience with the product. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a doctor before taking any tablets. There are no guarantees that every person using this product / service will see the expected results for sure. Results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.

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