Dove Go Fresh nutrium Moisture With Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Fresh Touch Body Wash

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Creamy body washes are the best thing with which you can pamper yourself with, especially when the weather is all cool and pleasant (and slightly drying too). Dove and Palmolive body washes are something I am always hooked on onto in winter while I opt for Lux for summers.

This time, I picked up the Cucumber and Green Tea version which look so beautiful and has the Nutrium moisture content. I have normal skin and here goes the details of the body wash and how it has worked for my skin in winters.

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash (2)

PRICE – 160 INR for 200ml


The Dove Go Fresh Body Wash comes in a pretty shaped plastic bottle which is extremely sturdy. The flip open cap is moderately tight shut which is advantageous because you would love to travel with a spill-proof and mess-free bottle. Although, for such a product I would prefer a pump dispenser but that is completely of a personal choice. Packaging wise, I loved the sooth combo of white and green which look deluxe and beautiful.

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The body wash is translucent in color and the smell is something that will really please your senses. It is a beautiful blend of fresh cucumber and the whiff of green tea along with some sweet artificial touch. It is slightly difficult to put in words but overall, it is a heavenly fragrance for a body wash. It doesn’t linger much after the bath and has only a refreshing touch. You would have to use a nice body lotion to keep up the whiff. The texture is rather a thick one for a body wash. I wouldn’t complain about it because you require a very tiny amount, comparable to other body washes. Hence, the bottle will last you for a long time as well.

The Dove Go Fresh Body Wash lather very well (due to the presence of SLS which has the tendency of drying out the skin) and very easy to work with. It gets washed off easily without any slippery residue which is very much preferable. I was surprised to find SLS in a moisture laden body wash but thankfully, the skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dehydrated. The cucumber and green tea extracts are one of the refreshing agents and also cleanses the skin well. It makes the skin squeaky clean even after I have sweat it out in the gym.

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The body wash doesn’t take off all the hydration from the skin due to the presence of moisture content. It is also successful in maintain the pH balance of the skin and nourishes in its own way. However, the tall claims of moisture is something I felt I was missing in this body wash. It surely, is enriching, than other but for winters, the body wash seems to be an average. In fact, I would prefer the Dove Soap bar rather than this one.

It does suits a lot of skin types but dry skin would need a bit of extra moisture after bath. Even my normal skin screams for body lotion in this mild winter and I believe, only oily skin can make it work better. For the price, this is good for a basic body wash that lathers well and cleanses the skin.


  • PACKAGING – Sturdy and spill proof packaging.
  • COLOR – white translucent.
  • TEXTURE – Thick and lathers well
  • SMELL – refreshing blend of green tea and cucumber
  • EFFECTIVENESS – makes the skin squeaky clean but requires body lotion afterwards.
  • SKIN TYPE – best for normal to oily skin.


  1. Sturdy packaging for travelling with a tight shut cap.
  2. White translucent color with thick texture and requires very little amount.
  3. Heavenly smell of refreshing cucumber and green tea extracts.
  4. Lathers well land washes off easily.
  5. Makes the skin squeaky clean.
  6. Works well for normal to oily skin.
  7. Doesn’t strip off the moisture and maintains the pH balance of the skin.
  8. Reasonable price tag.


  1. Presence of SLS.
  2. Not all heavily moisturized as claimed by the Nutrium Moisture.
  3. Dry skin would not be much benefited from this.
  4. You definitely require a moisturizer for body afterwards.




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