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Nothing says summer than days spent unwinding at the beach – laughing your heart out, catching up on your reading and turning your pallor into a soft summer glow. I always feel ten years younger during summer, somehow, the long days, the sense of ease that comes with beautiful weather and the warmth of the sun help me to forget about the stress that comes with those gloomy winter days.

Camilla Swimsuit

Another reason I love summer is the fashion. Light white midi dresses and crochet crop tops, short shorts and countless bikini sets make this time of the year one to play with style and rock some new fashion pieces. When it comes to the beach, well, then it is the place where you can make some major fashion statements that you might not have the confidence to pull off at the beach.

So this summer, instead of sticking to the usual light white cotton dresses and linen trousers, floral tops and denim shorts, here are four beach looks you can rock, to make a statement at the beach.

The romper

Coming from the onesie family, the romper is the sexy version of the playsuit and the jumpsuit as it is usually very short. Try this look at the beach by donning it over your bikini. You can go for a backless romper or one with spaghetti straps; a bright coloured one or a patterned romper. Layer some dainty necklaces or wear a bold bracelet cuff, strap on some gladiator sandals that come up to your bare knees and you will be ready to go.

Camilla Jumpsuit

The off the shoulder top

Channeling Brigitte Bardot at the Côte d’Azur, show off your shoulders and clavicle bone with the off the shoulder style. You can go for simple and tight or loose with frills like these Camilla tops. You can also rock the off the shoulder top as a crop top for a more daring look, paired with a great pair of linen shorts or torn denim ones for a fashionista approved look.

The versatile kaftan

When you want to cover up your body but you still want to wear something light and breezy then the kaftan is the perfect choice. From short to long, bold patterned ones and more subdued tones, the kaftan is great to wear for a long day at the beach. More than that, this fashion piece puts the glamour in beach attire and you can easily transition from a long day on the sand to a boat party, rocking your kaftan while looking like a million dollars.

Camila Maxi Dress

The thigh high slit

If you have confidence you will be able to pull off the former three fashion pieces as an everyday look but the thigh high slit takes a special level of confidence to wear on the street. At the beach however, the thigh high slit feels more doable, mainly because we are expected to show more skin once we are in our swimwear so take the opportunity to rock the thigh high slit at the beach this summer with a long skirt or a maxi dress and show off some leg.




JaeRustiaAbout the Author: Jae Rustia is a fashion junkie by day and a reader by night. She’s usually on Youtube watching makeup video tutorials and yoga for beginners or browsing The Upside Shop for the latest sport wear trend. Find her on Twitter @JaeRustia



All images via @camillawithlove, Instagram.

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