There really is no mystery about the bond men share with their tees. If anything, T-shirts enhance men’s sex appeal and good looks.

Here’s some food for thought (or men’s fashion): A recent research at Nottingham’s Trent University concluded that women found men wearing plain white T-shirts more attractive than other men. While you ponder this finding, also consider these results: researchers found that a plain white tee enhanced the upper body shape of a man, slimming down his waist and seemingly broadening his shoulders.

So it would seem that if you really wanted to impress your better half, you would need to stock up on plain white T-shirts by the dozen. But that’s where you would be making the blunder of a lifetime. Because your better half secretly likes your T-shirt and jeans look, and never mind the colour of your uppers. She’s not too worried about your slightly flabby tummy or your less than perfect arms. Ask her – she’ll tell you that your tees make you look youthful. Plus, she thinks it’s sexy to wear your T-shirt when the two of you are alone!

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But don’t go running away with the idea that all your T-shirts are God’s gift to womankind, and indeed, fashion. Though the T-shirt is a versatile garment, it needs to be worn with some degree of caution. For instance, if you have a pot belly and small shoulders, it is not such a great idea to wear a V-neck tee that calls attention to your torso shape. Or if you are very thin, vertical stripes will slim you down further.

The best way to wear the T-shirts that look great on you is to assess your body shape. Get the help of a stylist to know what’s currently trendy and which sizes and fits look best on you. Once you have this figured out, you can pick the colours and fabrics that you like.

T-shirts can be worn for any occasion, provided you can glam them up or simmer them down as per need. So if you’re headed to the wedding reception of an office colleague, you can wear a plain black V-neck T-shirt inside your black or blue blazer and finish off with slim cotton trousers. If it’s a date night with your girlfriend, a T-shirt in a solid colour, very little embellishment and a collar will be just right with your slim fit jeans and brogues. Though tees mostly qualify as casual wear, it is possible to wear them to formal settings such as your workplace: just tuck them in carefully, wear sedate trousers and shoes and finish off with a slim metal watch. And please, no sassy one liners or cartoon figures on the front!

It’s no surprise that men prefer T-shirts to other items of clothing, especially if they’re in a lazy mood. T-shirts are easy to shop for, they never put you in a ‘Will my shirt match my pants?’ dilemma, and they can literally be the first thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you get out of at night. They’re cool, comfortable and wearable for any occasion. Can you imagine a world without T-shirts in them?


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