‘UrbanClap – why you must download this awesome App.’

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Are you looking to hire a professional help for various services? You may use urbanclap.com, as the website will help you to find the best professional services in your city. UrbanClap is a one-stop destination which will help you to hire a local professional such as photographer, yoga instructor, interior designer, counselor, makeup expert and more. If you need any home services such as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, AC mechanic, pest control services and more on time, you may use the app UrbanClap.

About UrbanClap app

Nowadays it has become tough to find the right professional, so during such situation, we will ask our neighbors and colleagues to provide a contact number of a trusted professional to get the work done. When it doesn’t work out, we search through online for professional help, which may sometimes end up in great trouble. UrbanClap has a solution for all sorts of problem, and the online platform makes it simple to hire, the right professional for your every need. Their app is among my TOP 5 favorite apps, it is very easy to operate and loads quickly. I love how the app makes my life easy. 


UrbanClap application is an online platform where you will be provided trusted services for, 40 different categories. If you need home cleaning service or want to decorate your home, you may use the app anytime from your phone. The application remains an ultimate destination for all services to be done on time. You have to tell them, what service you are looking for, wait for a few minutes and choose the service provider you need.

Features of UrbanClap App

UrbanClap is a mobile app that offers professional services anytime from anywhere. Currently, they are active in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. You may use their services, as per your preferred timings and on an affordable price range. It provides two types of service, professional service, and home-based services. Some of its principal features are given below.

They have an extensive range of categories – one of the best part of the mobile app is that it offers a wide variety of services like plumbing, electrician, makeup expert, photographer, birthday planner, guitar teacher, etc.

Professional services- They provide professional and expert services to clients. Only experienced people would come to your office or home, to provide services.

Convenient service at any time – you can book your service through your Smartphone or online, and the process of booking remains simple and straightforward. There are different time slots available, so you can choose the preferred time, to get the service from the professional.

Simple steps to use the application

You have to first download the application on your Smartphone or other gadgets. The application is available in Google play store for Android device and iTunes for Apple device. Now automatically it would select your location, and if needed, you can change the site in the future. Now you will be shown a top bar in the app with different services. Choose the service you would like to have from a trusted professional. If you decide carpenter service, they will show you some information to be kept in mind before booking any services. If you fix on Carpenter service, it may ask for, what type of service you are looking for and whether you need to set big furniture or has to perform any repair work. They will let you know the minimum service charge and will ask you to set the rate with the service provider before the work is started. Now you have to select the date and time; you wish to have the service, based on your convenience. At last, you have to enter, the address or the location you live and where you need the service professional to come to fix the repair.

You guys will enjoy using UrbanClap because it is so fast, convenient and simply awesome to use ! Makes my life EASY. The app offers all types of services and makes an excellent choice for customers.

UrbanClap is surely the most trending app and you must surely download this amazing APP :-)



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