Guest Post ~ by Dave 

We utilize our feet while surging towards office, moving hurriedly upwards and downwards and we are for the most part not legitimately get mindful of when they get drained and horrible. Feet are the sole gift from Almighty to people as these two sets of feet are the most imperative organ in the human body.

Dealing with our feet is of most extreme significance as we do deal with different parts of the body like our hairs, teeth, confront and even hands. So why not feet?


Issues of Cracked heels and Dry Feet

These are the two noteworthy maladies and sickness happened in the foot because of such reasons.

Drying out and absence of drinking water

Water is the prime component in the presence of human life. As more than 70% of our body involved water. Without water no life do exists on earth. Along these lines, water is additionally a vital element for our feet. As there are a few cells in our foot which requires water for the essential working of uprooting the dead skin and supplant it from the new one. On the off chance that we don’t take an abundant measure of water the skin beginning to dry out and turns out to be harsh and dry. The issues of split heels and dry feet basically emerges because of absence of water admission. As exhorted by the wellbeing and excellence specialists, we ought to ordinarily drink 8-12 glass of water to keep up great wellbeing.



Diabetes is additionally a major element which impact in the wear and tear of foot organ. As this sort of disease basically influences all the body parts extraordinarily our foot. Diabetic patients ought to uncommonly deal with their feet wellbeing and put preventive measures for the security of feet maladies. Using creams for cracked heels is recommended for everyone !



A stout individual entraps in various sort of illnesses one of them is foot malady. As general load and weight of the body has been influenced on the foot. In result, the feet get to be sit still and insufficient.

Answer for broke heels and Dry Feet Issues

NIXSI Limited the presumed name in the field of magnificence and wellbeing part, has concocted an experimental answer for the delicate feet issues like, split heel or heel gaps and dry feet. Our foot cream for broke heels and foot cream for dry feet are the best treatment for the patients experiencing these issues. As these two sedated creams are extraordinarily implied for these sorts of issues and give changeless and durable answer for cure them moment furthermore don’t give them a chance to show up again by walking. Do attempt them and see the distinction.





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