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Red lipstick, it always looks so classy, so sexy and so effortlessly chic. So why can it be an absolute pain in the bum to get right? If you’ve ever aimed to look like Scarlett Johansson and instead ended up looking like a sad, confused circus clown then read on, we’ve some top tips on how to get it right the first time. Clown face is a thing of the past, we promise.

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       1.Check your colouring

Believe it or not, your skin tone, hair colour and complexion will affect what kind of red you can wear without it looking too harsh. People with darker hair and complexion will find that reds with a brown base will match well. If you have dark hair and a fairer complexion those deep, classic reds will work. Blondes who are tanned or have a warm complexion should try oranges, whereas paler blondes should look for products that have a blue undertone, so usually reds that are pinker in tone. For red heads, if you’re pale try deep, darker reds with a plum colour, if you’re more sallow then stick with coral coloured tones.

  1. Use a brush

It might feel oh-so-glam to pout and apply your lippie in front of a lighted mirror – ok so it’s only us who feel like movie stars when getting ready? But, for the sake of precision, investing in a good quality lip brush is key. It will help you control exactly where the product goes and to ensure that you don’t accidentally colour outside the lines.

  1. Experiment

Yes, your friend might love one brand but for you their formulation might be too drying or more prone to bleeding out round the edges of your lips. Don’t be afraid of visiting your local beauty counter and either requesting a sample or asking them to apply the product for you, then take it for a test drive.

  1. Exfoliate

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Applying lippie to chapped or cracked lips is a recipe for disaster. Getting your lips into good shape is really important, especially in colder weather. Invest in a good lip balm and on the days when you’re not applying a colour make sure that you keep lips well topped up. If lips are rough or peeling, buy a specialised exfoliation product to help slough any excess skin.

  1. Matt or gloss

While that super glossy look really can be stunning matt lippie is definitely more forgiving, especially if you’re just getting used to wearing strong colours. Perfect your matt look first, then get a little more daring.

  1. Befriend liner, concealer and sealer

Adding a line of liner can help to stop red lippie bleeding out over your cupid’s bow or at the bottom of lips. For a look that lasts all day try a thin layer of concealer over lips first, then apply your colour and finish with a sealing product that will help to keep the colour in place all day.

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  1. Check your teeth

If your pearly white aren’t so white and may be a little more yellow in tone – perhaps because of the odd cigarette or caffeine addiction – then steer clear of reds with an orange hue to them. These can actually make teeth appear more yellow in tone: not a look you want. Instead pick something with a more blue tone as its base.

  1. Keep within the lines

Nobody wants that dreaded lipstick on the teeth look, especially with a strong red – you don’t want people worrying about your gum health. Blot between layers to remove any excess product then put your finger in your mouth, pout and remove your finger, it will help to take away the layer closest to your teeth.

  1. It’s one or the other

If you’re working a red lip then lay off heavy eye make-up. If you try to do both at the same time you can end up looking like a kid that’s gone mad in their mother’s make-up box. Subtlety is key, a natural look eye with warm browns is a pretty safe bet.  

  1. Mind what you’re wearing

A bit of clash can work well with a red lip but teaming a crazy print with such a sting look can be a little OTT.


DO you have any TIPS ? Which is your favorite way to wear red lipstick ?

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